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Details help us identify better bathroom products - bathroom, details, pick

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-23

Paying attention to details can help us choose bathrooms better. Bathroom is a sanitary ware that every household must buy, but there are not many people who know how to choose. The following five details, I hope to give you some suggestions to help you better choose bathroom. When we choose a bathroom, we should pay attention to those aspects. Relevant people remind us to choose appearance and additional functions on the basis of practicality and convenience. When consumers buy plumbing and bathroom products, they often focus on brand, craftsmanship, shape, color, etc., and they often choose a beautiful plumbing bathroom, but they find it very inconvenient to install it in their own homes. Case. This situation is relatively common. The following are the details of five aspects that should be paid attention to when purchasing a bathroom, which will help us better choose a bathroom. Go ahead to understand the location and specifications of the sewage pipes of the house, and find out whether the sewage pipes in the bathroom are wall drains (the sewage pipes are buried vertically in the wall) or ground drains (the sewage pipes are buried underground), and decide whether to buy a wall according to the layout of the sewage pipes. Drain the toilet. In addition, it is necessary to grasp the distance from the wall to the center of the sewage pipe. This distance is the basis for selecting the toilet hole distance. Generally, indoor buildings in the south have a hole spacing of 300mm, and those in the north have a hole distance of 400mm. The second point The choice is to measure the space of the bathroom first, plan the overall layout of the bathroom, and choose according to the size of the space. Generally speaking, European and American brands, such as Kohler from the United States, Roca from Spain, and Anwar from China, are large in size and suitable for large bathrooms; while Asian-style brands such as Huida and Wrigley are suitable for small bathrooms. The third point should also pay attention to the water-saving performance of plumbing bathrooms, which is a long-term saving project. At present, the standard toilet water liter is less than 6 liters, and the water saving capacity of toilets exceeding 7 or 8 liters will be slightly worse. Fourth point In addition, while pursuing water saving, we must also pay attention to the structure of plumbing and bathroom products. Mr. Wang took the toilet as an example for analysis. At present, there are two types of toilets on the market: integral and split toilets. Split toilets are generally fixed with large screws. After a long time, they are prone to breakage and rupture. In addition, it is recommended that consumers should carefully understand the stability of the product when purchasing a wall-mounted toilet, and compare the firmness with similar floor-mounted toilets. The fifth point The core point is that the water valve is the most likely problem in plumbing and bathroom products. Consumers must observe carefully when purchasing. For example, when purchasing a toilet, open the water tank to see the material of the water valve and connecting rod. The material is divided into copper, copper-plated and plastic. For the sake of strength, at least copper-plated material should be used.

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