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different types of kitchen work surfaces

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-04-11
The kitchen work surface is the horizontal material placed on the base unit for preparing food and keeping some kitchen appliances.
Sometimes these are also used for breakfast.
Choosing the right material for the kitchen work surface can be a very difficult and tricky issue.
There are many options to choose from. 1)Hard Wood -Hard-
In the kitchen, wood gives a traditional effect.
A wide variety of hard woods are oak trees, mountain wool balls, Wenge, eloko, European and African walnuts.
Everyone has a unique difference.
The damaged hard wood is easily polished and absorbs vibration. 2)Granite -
Granite is popular for its rough and tough properties.
Granite has excellent durability and beauty.
Granite has a variety of styles and colors, such-
White, black, gray, green, blue, red, etc. It is heat-resistant. 3)Corian -
Durable working surface, uniform color, easy to repair.
It does not need to be sealed, it is not easy to crack, Chip.
It can easily cut, drill, carve, wire, bend and heat to form a seamless joint of any shape.
There are a variety of colors to choose from on the work surface.
It is very easy to clean the surface. 4)
Solid surface-
Solid kitchen work surface is humanmade.
Any marks or scratches on the solid surface can be polished.
They come in various patterns and colors.
Top protector and chopping board should be used on it.
It is easy to dye the solid surface.
The working surface of the kitchen is solid, hygienic and easy to maintain. 5)Quartz -
Quartz is called Engineering stone.
It is durable, stable, free of holes and resistant to chemicals.
Quartz gives a uniform solid color.
It is easy to care and maintain.
It is resistant to scratches, heat, stains and acid. 6)Laminates -
Laminate is very popular because it is low
Budget, maintenance and durability.
The laminate has a great choice in surface finish, design and color.
It absorbs the effect of no noise or debris.
Scratches and debris in the laminate are almost impossible to repair.
Heat-resistant and stain-resistant laminate.
The chopping board and work top protector should be used on laminated materials. 7)
Stainless steel-
The stainless steel working surface looks modern, very hygienic and easy to clean.
Stainless steel of any shape and size can be produced.
Polished or brushed stainless steel workpiece surface-Finished satin.
They are durable, tough, sturdy, heat-resistant and stain-resistant, but expensive, cold, noisy and easily sunken. 8)Ceramic tile -
Tiles are people-
There are a variety of colors, patterns, textures and sizes to choose from.
The tiles are durable, thin and light in weight.
Drinks and food stained their pulp.
The tiles are hard. wearing, heat-
Rugged and easy to install.
Low quality tiles are prone to fragmentation and cracking. 9)Marble -
Marble is a natural stone of various colors and designs.
Marble is easy to remove from permeability and dirt.
Marble can be damaged by any type of acid, heat or water that needs constant maintenance.
Chemical cleaning should be avoided in marble.
Marble is prone to scratches, stains and debris.
There must be cutting boards on marble. 10)Soapstone -
Soapstone is a natural stone with a unique texture but only a few dark colors.
Soap Stone is widely used for its extremely high stains and heat
The soap stone is not etched but has scratches.
These scratches can be polished and removed.
The surface of the kitchen is hard with stains and heatresistant.
Soapstone has matte finish.
Soap Stone can be used for a lifetime.
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