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Digging into the bottom of Yigao's 'Ruijie' - the intelligent breakthrough of intelligent bathroom-smart bathroom, intelligent performance

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-28

It was found at the recent bathroom equipment exhibition that Yigao Sanitary Ware's new product Ruijie intelligent sanitary ware product solemnly speculated that the launch of this product has attracted the attention of the majority of users. The reporter interviewed relevant people in the sanitary ware industry, and learned about the intelligence level performance of Yigao Ruijie intelligent products at a high level. High-integration intelligent motherboard design Ruijie introduced the design concept of automotive split system mode block for the first time. The main board adopts Japan's Toshiba household intelligent CPU chip and imported parts, which are more intelligent, stable, safe and sensitive. The design of the independent switching power supply is designed by Ruijie. The whole machine provides a safe and stable working voltage, which can effectively protect the whole machine from failure, and has an international high-quality safety level. Ceramic valve core design Steel belt drive spray gun, the valve core of the paint valve distributor is made of ceramic valve core, the service life is 200,000 times, the reliability is high, and the service life is long. The advanced connector design adopts the international professional connector manufacturer, the Japanese JST high-level connector, the effective layer plus the coverage height of the integrated motherboard insulation sealant, to ensure that the electronic components can be decompressed and safely enter the water in the environment of high humidity and high tide. The switch adopts Korean JEIL12V pressure reducing valve to ensure safe and constant flushing water pressure and flushing strength. Knowing Ruijie series products, it is the smart bathroom products in most countries. This makes Yigao stand out from its peers in promoting technology, fashion, elegance, comfort and health in the bathroom fashion. At the 2011 Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, Yigao Sanitary Ware took water as the theme of the interpretation of the status of the dance, and took water as the core appeal of the brand. Fashion; exhibited Ruijie series smart toilets, bathroom cabinets, steam baths and many other fashionable new products, bringing the essence of European bathing culture, and integrating world-famous design concepts, fashion, humanism, art, health and other elements into every One product has won rave reviews from viewers. Information: 2011 Sanitary Ware Brand List Star Brand Ausman Sanitary Ware (China Engineering Sanitary Ware Brand, Top 10 Kitchen and Bathroom 100 Enterprise Sanitary Ware Leading 10, China Famous Brand, Sanitary Ware Brand) Award-winning Sanitary Ware (China Green Environmental Protection Product, China Famous Product, China Kitchen Top 100 sanitary ware enterprises, sanitary ware brand) Kohler Sanitary Ware (Chinese interior designers are more trusted brand, more successful design award, sanitary ware brand) Hengjie Sanitary Ware (sanitary ware comprehensive large-scale enterprise, Guangdong brand, sanitary ware leading enterprise top 10, sanitary ware brand) Apollo Sanitary Ware (Chinese brand, Guangdong brand product, sanitary ware brand) TOTO Sanitary Ware (China's top 100 kitchen and bathroom enterprises, sanitary ware brand) Eagle Sanitary Ware (China's environmental label product certification, China's top 100 kitchen and bathroom industry enterprises, sanitary ware brand) Wrigley Sanitary Ware (Chinese brand, certification, sanitary ware brand) Faensa Sanitary Ware (China Environmental Labeling Product, Guangdong Famous Trademark, Sanitary Ware Brand) Yigao Sanitary Ware (2010 China Top 100 Kitchen and Bathroom Leading Enterprises, Top 10 Leisure Sanitary Ware Enterprises, China Sanitary Ware) Brand) Huida Sanitary Ware (Top 100 Kitchen and Bathroom Enterprises in China, Ceramic Enterprises with More Sales Power, China Sanitary Ware Brand)

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