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Distribution of stone building materials market in sichuan province

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-09
Distribution of stone building materials market in sichuan province is located in chengdu, deyang city, leshan, while luzhou, geographic location adjacent to chongqing. Distribution of stone building materials market in sichuan province is located in chengdu, deyang city, leshan, while luzhou, geographic location adjacent to chongqing. mineral are mainly distributed in the southeast area in sichuan province, sichuan stone building materials market is concentrated in the southeast. Sichuan province is a stone mining areas in China, mainly in sichuan sandstone, with solid surface sheets for sale. Production in sichuan province is the largest, the most familiar of marble stone is baoxing white, white solid surface sheets for sale, eastern white, belong to China's high-end dolomite, baoxing white marble is not only the white degree is high, and less impurity, its quality can import stone above. Baoxing white compared with eastern white, white solid surface sheets for sale board face were similar, with numerous YunBaiShi price is the cheapest one, but mainly grey white marble, the board face high whiteness without Oriental white. building materials market in sichuan province are mainly; 1, deyang city of sichuan province in guanghan international stone city address; Deyang city international stone city is the largest in sichuan province in guanghan, planning and design, the most advanced and green stone processing trade center, the market first phase covers an area of 1600 mu, a total investment of 5 billion yuan, is the collection of stone material processing, the sale, Wholesale and retail) , engineering, installation, logistics as one of the high-end stone professional market stone products include global stone products: import stone, domestic stone, culture stone, stone material craft ( Carving) Product, stone material processing equipment, spare parts, stone materials, Adhesive glue, detergents and maintenance products, install fasteners, etc. ) , landscape stone, artificial hills, etc. , stone varieties more than for dry. Is only able to achieve in sichuan province stone one-stop purchasing giant stone professional market. 2, construction of chengdu in sichuan province fine stone park address; Construction quality building materials, construction stone garden is chengdu industrial park, one of the three main park is located in ChengQing gold fast channel and freight road junction. 3, chengdu in sichuan province in western international decorative stone city address; Chengdu city, sichuan province PI county west shu sand source road no. 1789 a, west international decoration ( ) City project is the key investment project, PI county of chengdu, is in line with the overall planning development of chengdu, build along the 317 national highway construction, integrating disordered stone market, control the regional environmental pollution and a western region development and construction of green environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction, high standards of stone trade, warehousing logistics professional market. Company in August 2008 through listed commercial construction land, the total area 600 Chinese acres. Now at the merchant's goods including architectural stone, stone carving handicraft, culture wall mounted bar countertop, stone machinery, stone care products finishing equipment and furniture building materials decorative materials and other varieties, is the collection show, hastily, trade, logistics, finishing and business support for a comprehensive professional market. Can say global wall mounted bar countertop products, accommodate China stone brand enterprise, was the industry known as 'decorative stone city' in the west of China. 4, Sue records of stone material wholesale market in sichuan address; Sichuan leshan downtown district middle road 5, luzhou stone market near 30 address; While luzhou, sichuan province longmatan rival south street address stone city, gold province chengdu city, sichuan province, 886; Gold province jinniu district, stone city of sichuan province
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