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Do not enter the price misunderstanding when buying a bathroom. Be careful not to save water when you buy it

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-25

Now, water saving has become the consensus of the whole bathroom industry. Many bathroom products are under the banner of environmental protection and energy saving. Yesterday, the reporter went to several major home furnishing and building materials markets such as Red Star Macalline, Jinling International Home Furnishing, Red Sun Home Furnishing, Jia Lejia, etc., and found that there are many sanitary ware products, which are dazzling. Hard to choose. The problem of water-saving sanitary ware is not water-saving. The reporter learned from the building materials market that the price of domestic brand water-saving sanitary ware of the same model is about 1.2 times that of ordinary products, and the price of imported water-saving sanitary ware is higher. more than 10,000 yuan. I heard that the reporter wanted to learn about the newer water-saving bathrooms. Gao Jianzhang, the general agent of Langjing Sanitary Ware, said that at present, most of the environmentally friendly and energy-saving bathrooms on the market are imported brands, but the prices are high. In fact, the products with the concept of water saving have not just appeared, but in the past few years they have been in an embarrassing position of being applauded and not well received. The reason is mainly due to the mixed products on the market. Gao Jianzhang said that some sanitary wares under the banner of water saving do not live up to their name, causing consumers to resist. There are many 3-liter, 4.8-liter, and 6-liter toilets on the market for traditional 9-liter toilets, as well as 3-liter and 6-liter, 3-liter and 4.5-liter, 2-liter and 4-liter dual-control button toilets. The water consumption is low, but in the process of use, due to poor flushing, repeated flushing is often caused, which is more wasteful than the original non-water-saving products. With the deepening of the concept of environmental protection and energy saving and the publicity of the use effect of high-quality sanitary ware, consumers have developed a new understanding of these water-saving sanitary ware. Gong Jinying, the general agent of Emperor Sanitary Ware in Henan, also said that the current products are updated very frequently. In order to quickly occupy the market, Bathroom products also need to work hard to save water and continuously improve the performance of products. Reasons Water-saving research and development requires high cost. Whether water-saving sanitary ware is truly water-saving needs to be designed and developed from many aspects such as ceramic glaze, flushing ability, and water consumption control. Gao Jianzhang told reporters that the research and development and promotion of water-saving products requires technology, It is guaranteed by multiple factors such as design and capital, but some enterprises cannot do it. The reporter also learned that due to the complicated and expensive procedures for applying for water-saving certification, very few companies are willing to apply for certification, and there is no mandatory certification in the industry, which directly leads to some businesses in the market exaggerating the water-saving banner. Propaganda, in fact, its own products do not have the effect of water saving, they need to be washed repeatedly when using, and the water consumption is huge. Gong Jinying also said that some enterprises with insufficient technical and financial strength have difficulties in the investment of water-saving products and technical research, resulting in the production of sanitary ware glaze is not smooth enough, it is easy to get dirty, easy to produce mildew, and improper internal design will also As a result, the flushing capacity of the sanitary ware is insufficient, which greatly reduces the one-time flushing rate. Reminder: Do not buy into the misunderstanding of price When purchasing toilets, in addition to the lack of clear water-saving certification, there is often no practical operation that allows consumers to clearly see how water-saving toilets save water and the actual water consumption. I don’t know whether to save water or not, and I don’t know professional knowledge. I can only look at the brand and listen to the introduction of the shopping guide. They don’t have a flushing demonstration. I can’t buy a toilet and move it home to do experiments. They walked by the nose. Ms. Fan, who was visiting the store, told reporters. In a well-known domestic brand bathroom store, when a reporter asked how much 6 liters of water is there, whether it can be rinsed clean, and whether it can be demonstrated, the salesperson just said that the product saves water, but he couldn't describe it, and the reporter did not see it in many other stores. There is a flushing demo. When the reporter visited the building materials market, he also found that some sanitary wares below 1,000 yuan also claim to have good water-saving performance. Gao Jianzhang said that the price cannot be the criterion for judging the water-saving performance of sanitary ware. Sanitary ware is not reliable. It is difficult for this kind of sanitary ware to reach the requirement of 12.5 meters, which is easy to cause problems such as blockage. Therefore, when purchasing bathroom products, we must pay attention to the quality of bathroom products.

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