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Do you know Mosaic bathroom makeup? -Mosaic, makeup

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-13

When it comes to the usage of mosaic, it is really varied and endless, and its collage method is more arbitrary, seemingly casual on the surface, but it takes a lot of thought in actual operation. It is small in size, but it can be used independently in the application of solid colors. It is used as a separate color block in the space. Mosaic is more beautiful than other materials in terms of color and luster, especially glass or gold foil. Personality played well. Although mosaic collage has certain difficulties, there are still certain rules to follow. As long as the relationship between the area, location, contrasting color blocks and the surrounding environment of the mosaic is well handled, first of all, determine the area of u200bu200bthe color blocks. Based on the principle of peaceful coexistence with adjacent colors, the color blocks with a strong sense of space should appropriately reduce the area, while Peaceful, quiet color blocks can enlarge the area. This is a relatively conservative choice, but it is also less flamboyant. Not easy to go wrong. Then there is the place where the mosaic is used. Its characteristics of being resistant to dirt and not afraid of moisture make it almost suitable for use in every space in the home, but choosing the right one can add a lot of color to the space. We usually use more In the bathroom space, a little bit of golden mosaic is used to decorate the sink, and the luxurious atmosphere is suddenly improved a lot; then there is the consideration of contrasting colors, no matter what the color is. As long as it is lined with its contrasting color next to it, it can make it more prominent. Also, keep the color relationships in the space balanced. For example, in a large area of u200bu200bwhite, bright orange is used as the main color, and then a little black is needed to suppress the color temperature, so that the space will not appear too frivolous. The last is the creation of space atmosphere. The use of one color over the sky is a kind of publicity, and this publicity in a specific space can create a good atmosphere and promote the theme. For example, the warmth of red, the coolness of blue, the confusion of pink, the elegance of black, and the grace of white are like a visual feast. Of course, this method also needs to have a good relationship with other colors in the space. The quality of the mosaic should be balanced with the quality of the furniture and other decorations. A dignified leather chair in the broken wall is just Can add a few different styles

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