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Domestic outfit natural stone is no longer a luxury

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-19
Domestic outfit natural stone is no longer a luxury of different natural stone material is suitable for different kitchen and bathroom with the widely application of the natural stone material, people realize the diversity of stone colors and materials. The kitchen bathroom design professionals and people can according to the appearance of the customers want and provide them with performance of various materials and colors. These granite are durable, easy maintenance, and are suitable for all kinds of colors and styles. Kitchen and porch floor: granite tile durable features will make the kitchen floor appear more energetic. The marble of beautiful and elegant features also people's welcome. stripe style and colorful as the design on the delicate. Beautiful paint wood grain shape of the hole in the stone will add some classical atmosphere to the floor. : the bathroom decorate the bathroom wall, bath rooms, floor material selection, those natural stone, marble is one of the most popular, so to speak. This is not only attributed to the solid surface sheets for sale of beautiful, strong resistance to wet, also thanks to marble ipoh raises a gender. Other indoor application in addition to the above relate to the outside of the several kinds of stone, other natural stone material such as rock SLATE, sandstone, limestone, hole application could have a kitchen, hall, the stair and adds a few minutes of unique fireplace wall etc. Another feature of natural stone material - — One of the main advantages of easy clean natural stone material is easy to clean. Just some warm water, neutral dish liquid and a soft cloth can maintenance the appearance of the most natural stone material, and its beautiful for years to come. Accidentally with stain, need to elicit some plasters mixture from the stone supplier, the stains were clear. A new study suggests that the solid surface sheets for sale, granite and have the same ability in the aspect of decontamination are derived. In 2006, Minneapolis, Minnesota technology conducted a study medical institutions. Widely the research on market by using four stage face plate, two kinds of, a kind of marble, granite is a kind of quartz, decontamination ability comparison study, it is concluded that the four kinds of mesa is easy to clean and conform to the American FDA ( The us food and drug administration (fda) for short) The surface of the clean surface standard bacteria falling five logarithmic. Overall, four kinds of materials after wash and rinse after data showed that the four kinds of materials on the bacteria reducing is no different, 'the dean of the medical institutions. Peter. Dr Schneider said. 'this means that the test is used in several different panel in ensuring food security on the decontamination ability of no gap. Sponsored by the American association of marble of the study show that the typical stone panel material is easy to clean, and comply with FDA regulation make food contact surface is reduced to the safety standards. 'As early as 1999, Dr. Schneider did a similar study, granite and other materials such as stainless steel, concrete, brick, wood and plastic, and it is concluded that the granite decontamination ability is strongest. And a 2006 study is research on 1999 follow-up tracking. The difference between the granite countertops slab and other panel the granite table panels and other materials such as quartz particles will resist heat and scratches, antibacterial, antifouling and overall performance and so on, we will find granite is superior is incomparable. Unlike other stage face plate, the heat resistance of granite is first-class, and applications in the kitchen is a important factor, that is the thermal performance. Report when temperature over 360 degrees on the surface of the quartz, quartz heating combustion. And other materials under the condition of the surface temperature is too high, may be deformation, rupture, faded, give you inconvenient. And solid surface, when suddenly the hot pot on the granite surface, but won't appear what flaw, change is in the above other material if it is difficult to compare. The rest of the popular granites is one of the most hard materials, and a very strong ability to resist scratches. The scraping resistance is the kitchen decorate material selection is a very important factor to consider. Many people think of granite panel need to seal, in order to keep the user peace of mind and have another additional protection effect, the reality is the opposite. Most of the solid surface will not fade under direct sunlight, and other synthetic materials panel is easy to fade in the sun. When granite panel accidentally touch stain or by wear and tear, it is usually to restore close to the original appearance and in use. And other materials can not achieve this effect. In the end, no matter in indoor or outdoor, granite belongs to a kind of universal material, the most suitable for the new popular outdoor kitchen. Now, we have more fully understanding of granite, choose granite is no longer a difficult thing. After all, these natural wall mounted bar countertop is a product of nature for millions of years.
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