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Don't Blindly Pursue Water-Saving Design-Bathroom,Water-Saving Design

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-12

Now that consumers are becoming more and more energy-efficient, many consumers also consider the water-saving function of the bathroom when purchasing a bathroom. However, consumers often pay attention to one thing and lose the other, and only care about whether to save water and ignore other properties of bathroom products. Are sanitary ware products the more water-saving the better? the answer is negative. At present, more and more consumers are interested in water-saving bathrooms, but most consumers do not have a clear understanding of product performance. The less water consumption, the better the toilet has become. It has become the mindset of many people. my country's national standards have high requirements for bathroom water-saving design. However, some manufacturers cut corners on other technical indicators in order to pursue the simple water-saving function of the surface, which is easy to flush or block the pipeline. Relevant people in the industry told reporters that according to the information we have, at present, only a few leading brands can truly meet the international standard of 4.5 liters of water consumption and all indicators are qualified, which is not as water-saving as ordinary consumers see. Products are running all over the place. In response to the growing misunderstanding of bathroom water saving in the market, industry insiders said: bathroom products are a multi-functional overall product, and their convenience of use, completeness of cleaning, and beauty of appearance are all indispensable for evaluating the quality of a bathroom product. Factors, the bathroom is not the more water-saving the better, the overall performance must be considered. Industry analysts believe that bathroom products cannot be energy-saving only from the perspective of water-saving in the bathroom. The relationship between the product and the building should be considered, such as deodorant and anti-blocking, flushing rate, flushing distance and other specific properties. In fact, sanitary ware is not the imaginary that the more water-saving the better, the quality issue must be paid attention to.

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