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Energy saving is related to the material of the bathtub. Pay attention to the water saving indicators-energy saving, bathtub material, pay attention to water saving indicators

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-04

The bathtubs sold in the building materials and home furnishing market are made of steel enamel, cast iron, acrylic, etc. The steel enamel bathtub has a smooth surface but has poor thermal insulation. The cast iron bathtub is durable but relatively bulky. It is rare in the market. Because of its light weight and durability, and thermal insulation and energy saving, it is becoming the mainstream of the market. Energy saving is related to the material of the bathtub, and whether to save water is more related to the shape of the bathtub. Ordinary bathtubs are often quite satisfactory, with a rectangular cross-section, while water-saving bathtubs are mostly irregular in shape with a wide top and a narrow bottom, narrow front and wide back, and some water-saving bathtubs have a curved bottom with a deep rear and a shallow front. The length of the water-saving bathtub generally varies from 1200mm to 1700mm, and the high height is between 500-700mm, which is deeper than the ordinary bathtub. From the appearance, the water-saving bathtub is not much different from the ordinary bathtub, but the water-saving bathtub saves 20% and 30% of the water consumption than the ordinary bathtub. Some cutting-edge bathtubs adopt the mode of filtration, sterilization and recycling to achieve the purpose of saving water. Family members do not need to replace the purified water frequently for bathing. and recycling to achieve effective water saving. When purchasing a water-saving bathtub, pay attention to the material and workmanship of the bathtub. Usually, the standard for purchasing is that the plate should be thick. Some bathtubs claim to be made of energy-saving acrylic plate. You can feel the thickness and firmness when you step on it. The support parts inside the bathtub can see the fineness of the craftsmanship. Some bathtubs have a smooth appearance but rough interiors. A well-made bathtub has the internal support parts connected meticulously, and no traces of welding can be seen.

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