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Exquisite bathroom accessories purchase guide-detail bathroom, exquisite

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-14

Accessories are to the bathroom, just like the jewelry worn by women is to Chinese clothes, it does have the finishing touch to create the atmosphere of the bathroom. Therefore, the accessories with strong creativity, simplicity and elegance, elegant quality and suitable matching with the whole bathroom are favored by consumers. Mr. Xu of a sanitary ware store said so. According to him, with the continuous deepening of the concept of creating a detailed bathroom, the bathroom accessories have undergone great changes in material, color, shape and pattern, and consumers also have a greater choice. Chrome plating: smooth and bright, durable According to the person in charge of a bathroom living hall, chrome accessories are the accessories with a large proportion in the Jiangmen market at present. This accessory is protected by a chrome-plated layer on the outside, and the internal material is not easy to be oxidized and can be preserved for a long time. When purchasing, consumers must find out whether the basic material of the accessories is copper chrome plating or stainless steel chrome plating, because the two are not much different from the appearance. Generally speaking, copper chrome plating is more expensive than stainless steel plated products, and it is also more durable than stainless steel chrome plating. Stainless steel: fashionable style, exquisite and fresh Nowadays, people in Jiangmen are more and more pursuing the fashionable style of bathrooms when decorating their homes. On the basis of grasping large pieces, they also pay great attention to the selection of accessories. According to reports, stainless steel accessories lead the modern fashion style, while retaining their own unique taste and fresh feeling, which is suitable for the mentality of young people who are pursuing fashion. It is understood that pure stainless steel accessories are rare in the Jiangmen market at present, and consumers are better off purchasing from brand bathroom specialty stores. In some building materials stores, many products that look similar to pure stainless steel accessories are actually copper or stainless steel accessories with chrome-plated surfaces. However, after careful identification, consumers will find that only polished stainless steel accessories have a duller color than chrome-plated accessories.

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