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Facing stone mining 11 features

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-07
Veneer wall mounted bar countertop mine 11 characteristics facing stone ore mining and other minerals mining there is a difference, the nature of the former to produced large block ( In a sense, the better the greater the block) For the purpose; And the other minerals are for the purpose of beneficial mineral extraction. Therefore, facing wall mounted bar countertop ore mining has distinctive features: 1. Cutting is a major means of facing stone mining, in addition to lifting the transport, proportion of cutting in the mining process has as a measure of mine is a major symbol of modernization degree. 2. Open-pit mine working line layout and the advancing direction of joints and fissures, especially with main joint, crack based on the occurrence and the direction. 3. Open pits the final slope Angle and working slope Angle are commonly 900, only in the final slope Angle of inclination and rock bedding or general joints and fissures tend to be consistent, to will eventually slope Angle of appropriately. 4. The determination of phase height, the general level (to waste material specification and Or low pitch) To determine the spacing of the joint surface or on the surface of the bedding, in several stages of the same mines mining at the same time period may not be the same. 5. To strengthen the deep mining, from two aspects of theory and practice have proved that the deep stone quality is better than shallow. 6. The adoption of the mast crane hoisting equipment, it is easier to achieve high stage mining exploitation and no groove to develop way. 7. Open ditch the location choice in the ore sandwich or block rate is very low fracture zone and joint fissure zone. 8. Mining blasting adopts control ( Pre-splitting) Blasting, the eye spacing is small, the charge is small, and between the guide hole. 9. Requires a larger Wan material yard, easy to adjust the designs and varieties, to meet user needs. 10. Most mining machine is special equipment for stone mining, is cannot replace by other minerals mining equipment. 1 1. Waste material of the mine production accounts for only a small part of the mining amount, while the rest of the gravel accounts for most, so comprehensive utilization is very important part of facing stone mining.
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