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Fashion bathroom new life-fashion bathroom, new life

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-27

Today's bathroom space is no longer just a functional space for cleaning dust. We all hope that in the only private space in this home where we can truly be alone, we can relax completely and comfortably, let go of stress and exhaustion, and get real comfort and rest. At the 17th China International Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition held in Shanghai on May 23, various bathroom products, while constantly pursuing functional humanization, integrated more and more fashion and technological elements, allowing us to feel smart in advance. The comfortable experience brought by the bathroom. Enjoy the new charm of design As an attitude to life, people's pursuit of bathroom space is not only reflected in daily functions, but also as a display of personality and emotional appeal. As the vane of the bathroom industry, Kohler shows its design style and creative elements through its rich product series. The art basin series on the warm enamel glaze integrates the delicacy of oriental meticulous painting with the modern decorative art of the west, and matches the luxury of aesthetic temperament. , making the soft beauty flow pure, giving the overall space a low-key luxury and a good artistic enjoyment; inheriting American classics and interpreting Chinese fashion, the Double Happiness suite and the Silk Road series using Chinese elements demonstrate that Kohler is changing the world with innovation every day. charm. HCG Hecheng fully and thoroughly reflects the artistic design. HCG has assembled its relatively complete product line and carefully created bathroom spaces with different styles. The Athena, Kerrence, Iris and Eaton series show the designer's profound creative inspiration Athena series products are derived from ancient Greek architecture and combine classical and modern with artistic techniques, which are skillfully presented in bathroom products; simplicity and liveliness have always been the styles respected by the design industry, and the Rhine series has already matured for it. The simple product line of the brand is added with gorgeous shapes, concise and soft, showing a design style that integrates with nature, creating a delicate and warm atmosphere with soft and tranquil beauty. In addition, HCG's Rist and Capel Brien series use Neoperl 7-degree adjustable bubbler cores, and the water outlet angle can be adjusted at will, making the water drop more accurate and avoiding splashing due to the high height of different basins. At the same time, the water is softer and the foam is more delicate, which greatly improves the comfort of use. With the theme of looking forward to the future, Roca Roca brings a cross-border masterpiece Armani/Roca integrated bathroom space jointly created with the well-known fashion brand Armani. The formal design of the island integrates four areas with a unified style, privacy without affecting the overall space: healthy bathing area, beauty area, healthy shower area and basic needs area, which naturally and smoothly integrate bathroom functions with life fun. Together, it turns the bathroom space into a place for sensory enjoyment. Hansgrohe, who pays attention to bathing emotion and usage experience, brings the sensual bathroom Prada series. This series of products was created by Phoenix Design Studio. It looks bland on the outside, but it is in this simple Chinese style that the design is ingenious. The designer has developed a new form language for it. The two-color surface of white and chrome color The seamless integration is achieved, and all its functions are integrated and invisible in the product, which makes the elegant form the visible focus of the product. American Standard cooperated with internationally renowned fashion designer RonenJoseph to launch the UDS series of Nobile Xindian and LaVita Yishang two product series, of which the Nobile Xindian series uses the personality elements of ancient Roman columns, atmospheric lines and exquisite bending angles, with new The decorative effect of classicism; while the LaVita Yishang series absorbs the design inspiration of the beauty of heaven and earth, and deduces a unified design element from the circular biological curve in nature throughout the entire series.

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