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First-time bathroom purchase cheats big decrypt-bathtub, purchase essentials, open

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-02

Essentials for buying a bathtub: 1. No matter what kind of material you choose, the bathtub should be based on the characteristics of high thermal insulation, not easy to deform, durable and wear-resistant. 2. When choosing a massage bathtub, pay attention to the details of its water spray function, motor mute device, automatic drainage system, automatic power-off equipment and leakage device. 3. It is better to choose a product with a brand reputation to ensure its quality and safety; if possible, apply it on-site to better feel the characteristics of the product. 4. The size of the bathroom space and the number of users are also factors that should be considered when purchasing a bathtub. Bathroom Renovation Plan To purchase bathroom products in a seasonal change, you must first evaluate your budget and color matching, plan out those objects that need to be added, and then complete the arrangement in order from large to small. Hang the shower curtain first, the POLY material shower curtain has good water resistance. If the hem is added with a car lead to increase the weight, it can avoid direct contact with the body to generate static electricity; in addition, it can also be matched with a mildew-proof bath mat. Soft texture, not easy to generate static electricity, and a product with good water absorption, it has a better effect of anti-mildew and balanced colony. Modern people who are usually busy with work, if they can take a comfortable bath at home, it can be said to be a great enjoyment. The concept of SPA has become popular in China. The dream of HOMESPA is no longer out of reach, and you can add more according to your needs. Buy suitable SPA products, such as the massage pleasure brought by the jacuzzi. If you add a bathing agent, let the aroma evaporate with the steam, you can relieve the tension. Of course, you can also choose a steam room or a spa machine. Relax and enjoy the pleasure of the SPA. Examining Self-Needs Usually the wedding and New Year’s years are the time when most people choose to renovate their house. If the bathroom facilities that are required for daily life are outdated, not only will they not be able to enjoy the comfort of use, but even affect their health. With the rise of maintenance awareness, While the bathroom is being remodeled, a spa space can be created for the bathroom, which is not only more comfortable and healthy to use the toilet and bath, but also a channel for relief and relaxation for busy modern people. Before remodeling the whole bathroom, it is necessary to first understand the pipeline configuration and space size in the bathroom. It is recommended that consumers first mark the bathroom doors, windows, water, drain holes, bathtubs, toilet drain holes, electrical sockets, etc. on the graph paper. Position and size, so that you can make a complete plan for the original bathroom space, in addition to the bathroom space size, budget, and function, choose bathroom equipment, choose single product purchase or package replacement , including water pipes, mud construction, pipeline changes, the laying of wall tiles, floor tiles, and the purchase of accessories. Remind consumers that no matter what kind of pipes to buy bathroom equipment products, they can decide a full set of bathroom equipment according to the functional requirements of the family. , half sleeve, or wet and dry separation form. The size accessories in the bathroom include toilets, washbasins, bathtubs, massage bathtubs, shower towers, shower heads, bathroom cabinets, etc. Whether you like a strong minimalist fashion design, or a classic, elegant and timeless design, the plan is to move forward like an auditorium in the near future. The prospective newcomers, or consumers who want to renovate the bathroom or replace some objects, how to construct their own bathroom space can meet everyone's requirements and imagination for the bathroom space.

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