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Four problems to pay attention to when installing bathroom thresholds-installation, bathroom thresholds, four problems

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-17

The bathroom threshold is an item that most decoration owners tend to ignore, because many owners think that the bathroom threshold decoration effect is average, and it will cause the ground to bulge, so it is a mistake to abandon the installation. The main function of the bathroom threshold is not for decoration, but to prevent the water in the bathroom from flowing into other spaces, which has an irreplaceable practical function. So, how to install the threshold of the bathroom? What problems should be paid attention to when installing bathroom thresholds? Now let me talk about the four problems to be paid attention to in the installation of bathroom thresholds--Four problems to pay attention to when installing bathroom thresholds: 1. Length: When customizing bathroom thresholds, you must accurately measure the width of the bathroom door frame, and use this As a length standard for bathroom thresholds. That is to say, the installed bathroom threshold should be as wide as the width of the bathroom door frame, and only in this way can an excellent water blocking effect be achieved. 2. Width: The width of the bathroom threshold should be the same as the thickness of the bathroom door frame, so as to avoid large discrepancies when laying bathroom floor tiles, thereby improving the integrity of bathroom floor decoration and achieving a good floor decoration effect. 3. Slope: The paving of the bathroom threshold is not as flat as possible, but should be slightly inclined towards the interior of the bathroom. This slope can make the water on the threshold slide to the interior of the bathroom, which is an important guarantee to avoid unnecessary damage to the decoration materials of the floor (especially the wooden floor) outside the bathroom. 4. Material and color: Most of the bathroom thresholds will use stone as the raw material. Here we need to remind everyone that the color of the stone should be coordinated with the color of the surrounding ground, and there should be no excessive contrast to destroy the decorative effect of the ground. In addition, you can also choose to artificially build a stone platform with a moderate height at the threshold, and pave the surface with mosaics of suitable shape, color and size. This design can not only meet the practicability of the threshold, but also has a good local decorative effect. .

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