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Four steps to buy, have a bathroom that is suitable for you and guaranteed - buy, bathroom

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-13

There are so many bathroom products on the market, how can you choose a bathroom that is guaranteed and suitable for you? The manager of the home decoration city told reporters that consumers can buy through four steps of seeing, touching, listening and comparing. Don't be fooled by the slogan when purchasing in the building materials market. Almost all major merchants put the quality certification certificate in a more prominent position in the store. As long as you take a closer look, you can find a variety of certification agencies, such as China Light Industry Certification Center, China XX Logo Certification committees, establishment of fund associations to protect consumer rights, etc. Manager Fu said: The certification body should believe that the state agency is more secure. In addition, some businesses often boast that their sanitary wares all use imported glazes, and the layers of glazes are thicker than domestic ones. Manager Fu said: In fact, it doesn't matter how many layers of glaze, as long as the surface finish of the product meets the national standard. The four steps for purchasing bathroom products are: Look, under strong light, carefully observe the reflection on the surface of the bathroom products from the side, and it is better if the surface has no or few blisters and pits. Products with high brightness index use high-quality glaze materials and very good glazing technology, which has good light reflectivity and good visual effect. Touch means that consumers can gently rub the surface with their hands, and it feels very smooth and delicate. You can also touch the back, and feel the slight friction of rustling as well. Listen, it means that consumers can tap the ceramic surface with their hands. Generally, the sound of good ceramic materials is relatively crisp when tapped. In contrast, it means that consumers should check the water absorption rate of bathroom products, and the lower the water absorption rate, the better. Ceramic products have a certain ability to absorb and penetrate water. If water is sucked into the ceramic, it will expand to a certain extent, which will easily cause the glaze on the ceramic surface to crack due to expansion. Especially for toilets, if the water absorption rate is high, it is easy to suck the dirt and odors in the water into the ceramics, and it will produce odors that cannot be removed for a long time.

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