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Four tricks to teach you to choose bathroom cabinets-choose, bathroom cabinets

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-28

1. Waterproof is more important The bathroom is a place with more water and more humidity. If the waterproof function is not good, then the bathroom cabinet will soon come to an end. Therefore, when choosing a bathroom cabinet, the waterproof function is the front element. To choose the bathroom cabinet made of materials with better moisture-proof performance, the materials with better moisture-proof performance are commonly used: multi-layer solid wood board, solid wood, hard PVC board. Oupai bathroom cabinet panels are made of solid wood composite materials with a lower water absorption expansion rate than cabinet panels, and are treated with 8 layers of waterproofing to adapt to the humid environment of the bathroom, in line with the European E1 standard. In addition, choose the bathroom cabinet whose surface is treated with baking varnish to ensure the sealing of the board, so that the water vapor is in direct contact with the board as little as possible. The surface of some bathroom cabinets is treated with veneer (that is, the panel is pasted on the board by adhesive). Although the style is better, the surface is easy to fall off, which makes the board damp and moldy. 2. There is a big gap between different brands. Looking at the bathroom cabinets currently on the market, the price difference is often thousands of yuan, and the quality is naturally uneven. When purchasing a bathroom cabinet, you need to look at the materials such as the certificate of conformity that the manufacturer provides for the product to be produced. Of course, the more secure method is to try to buy products from those manufacturers as much as possible, not only the quality is guaranteed, but also the later service will save you a lot of worry. 3. Pay attention to health problems Poor quality bathroom cabinets can easily lead to health problems. For example, bathroom cabinets with poor moisture-proof performance are easy to make items moldy and breed bacteria; unqualified bathroom cabinets use excessive paint formaldehyde on the outside of the cabinet, which directly endangers human health. In addition, many items in the bathroom are personal things and need more attention. Otherwise, it is easy to affect the health of the family. Therefore, it is especially necessary to buy healthy and environmentally friendly bathroom furniture. Fourth, the style and taste can not be ignored Some people say that to see a person's decoration taste, just go to his bathroom. Whether you believe in animistic feng shui or not, experienced decoration designers will warn you that different decoration patterns and selection of items have a great impact on the owner's temperament and personality. The style of the bathroom cannot be ignored. Choose a bathroom cabinet with artistic taste to decorate your bathroom, otherwise you can improve the taste of the bathroom and cultivate your personal sentiment. For first-time decorators, shopping for bathroom cabinets that match your home decor can add to your home taste.

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