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fresh looks in solid surfacing.

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-21
Fashion and maintenance
Free, robust surface treatment materials are constantly expanding in traditional markets and unconventional applications. Countertops. Vanities.
There are bathtubs and showers around.
Table of all types including coffee table, table and coffee table.
Experts say these are the most popular applications for solid surface treatment materials.
They added that due to its beauty and durability, the use of solid surfaces will continue to grow in residential and commercial areas.
ToddVogelsinger, plastics public relations manager, Ralph Wilson, said that as the number and quality of manufacturers increase, products made with solid surface materials will become cheaper.
In addition, the solid surface, as a long-term product, is increasingly understood and appreciated by consumers.
As an expensive alternative to laminated products, long-term value and investment.
Vogel Singh said that business opportunities in the joint market have hardly been addressed or promoted.
\"There is a huge potential for growth here, where the budget is bigger and a lot of money is needed --wear, easy-
\"Material that cares and looks good is always annoying,\" he said . \".
In addition to the KKR countertop, the Avonite solid surface is also used for furniture and signage, said company PR officer Lilly Lihn.
\"The use of solid surface treatment materials has increased because Burns, scratches and debris can be removed and in-
The site has its original beauty, says Lihn. \"High-
\"Beautiful colors and excellent medication performance have increased the use growth,\" she added . \".
The rest of this paper reviews the main solid surface treatment products on the market.
For more information, please circle the appropriate length of 96 in. , 120in. , and 144 in. (
Note: All Gibraltar panels are actually 1-in. longer and 1-in.
Wider than listed to increase convenience and yield. )
Attribute: Gibraltar is a color-
Consistent solid surface treatment materials from paper to paper and batch to batch.
Because of this, the product can match the Wilsonart decorative laminate.
This is a \"hard\" material that is easier to Polish and finish.
It is also UL classification, carrying and advanced fire-
Grade 1 rating, which increases its value in the more stringent code-limiting area.
Like other solid surfaces, Gibraltar is easy to maintain and repair and can now be used in a range of matching toiletries and kitchens.
Custom options: custom colors and patterns are available for purchase of aminimum for 250 sheets of paper purchased in one year.
Training: Gibraltar approved manufacturer program is a 4-
Level training courses starting from two-
AGibraltar manufacturing experts from the manufacturer\'s store conducted a one-day visit to teach the basics of solid surface manufacturing through advanced manufacturing technology. NEVAMAR CORP. Odenton, Md.
Products: available colors for Fountainhead: 4 solid color styles/patterns: 10 patterns and 6 added by march\'93 standard size and thickness: 30 in. by 98 in. , 30 in. by 121 in. ,30 in. by 145 in. , 36 in. by 98 in. , 36 in. , by 121 in. , 36 in. by 145in.
Thickness: 1/4. , 1/2 in. and 3/4 in.
Custom options: custom colors and/or sizes provided in a specific guide.
Performance: tough and durable with high resistance to heat, shock, mildew and stains.
Easy to clean and repair.
Flexible design.
Various colors and patterns.
Training: project approved by manufacturer.
Factory marketing and manufacturing training for dealer personnel.
Solid surface of DuPont
Product color: 18 styles/patterns: jewelry series, Sierra series, solid color series.
Standard size and thickness: 1/4. , 1/2 in. , 3/4 in.
Custom options: The company offers a wide range of sinks and sink sinks such as multiple mounting technologies, inserts, thermoforming edges.
Performance: marble and granite look.
Strong, practical and easy to maintain.
Training: 1 Consumer 10-4 Corniche training centers-
The warranty includes materials, manufacturing and installation, provided that the work is done by a certified or approved manufacturer.
VT Industrial
Products: colors available on DurAllure solid surface counteravailable: relief, Alpine White, spice stone and pepper Stone standard size and thickness: 1/2-in. thick pre-
Choice: DurAllure solid surface countertop with apre-
Front edge of the application with special inlay slot.
Properties: uniform, dense, no
The porous material of the whole color and pattern.
Excellent anti-fading and stain performance.
Training: Installation Manual and manual operation for DurAllure project
Participate in training programs with the company\'s national sales staff. SAFAS (Galactic particles)Corp. Hillside, N. J.
Product: PolyrockStandard size and thickness: 1/4. , 1/2 in. and 3/4 in.
Style/pattern: 3 granite appearance options: the company says it will train custom blending for any color scheme: In-
In-house training and video for the factory.
Most solid surface materials can be routed and carved like hardwood floors, and many woodworking tools can be used.
According to experts, the most common equipment includes: * panel or table saw * router for manufacturing edge handling and inlay * straight edge * circular saw with carbide-
Tilt blade with 1/2-* routerin. carbide-
Tilted drill bit * track and belt sanders * Spring fixture square * level * caulking gun * chisel.
Safety glasses, dust shields and ear protection are also recommended when making solid surfaces.
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