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Gadgets University asked relevant people to elaborate on bathroom safety-safety, bathroom safety

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-29

As people's material life becomes richer and richer, their pursuit of quality of life becomes more and more meticulous. Taking the home improvement market as an example, the renovation investment of a two-bedroom house was only tens of thousands of yuan a few years ago, but now it is only a few hundred thousand yuan or hundreds of thousands of yuan. The original concept of a warm harbor has gradually changed. It is a stage to show the master's cultivation, temperament and economic strength. However, behind the huge investment in decoration, it is easy for people to ignore some details, especially in the bathroom products, more people pay attention to large-scale facilities such as bathtubs with massage functions, blue and white porcelain basins and luxury automatic temperature-adjusting toilets. As everyone knows, the small bathroom accessories contain university questions. It is the peak commercial sales season of gold, silver and silver. The reporter specially visited the market and relevant people to conduct in-depth investigations. The reporter first came to the Jimei furniture and building materials market. A manager Qiu, who specializes in bathroom products, introduced to the reporter: With the continuous improvement of consumers' requirements for the quality of life, people's requirements for the beauty and luxury of bathroom products are also showing an upward trend year by year. , Under this trend, sanitary products also ushered in a rare opportunity in terms of price and industry development. However, consumers also have some misunderstandings when choosing these products. When people choose large bathroom items such as toilets and washbasins, they generally choose good brand products, but when they choose small paper racks, towel racks, etc. Small accessories are often held indifferent attitude. In fact, it is such a wrong idea, but it brings serious hidden dangers to life. Through the preparations for consumer rights protection, we contacted Ms. Li Chunhua, who just finished mediation because of related issues. She told reporters about her experience: her son got married on May 1st this year, and at the beginning of the year bought a small two-bedroom for the couple. Since it is a new house So decoration has become an important task. Home improvement appliances and even the decoration team are all looking for middle and high school. However, in mid-July, when the whole family was full of joy for the masterpiece after the decoration, because the bathroom was leaking, and the family went to work, no one found it, and even the furniture was not found. The wooden floors and pure wool carpets were all soaked, and the direct economic loss was nearly 50,000 yuan. Ms. Li said with emotion: 'It's a small bargain and a big loss. I didn't think that a small business would lead to such a big loss at the beginning.' Such incidents are not uncommon. According to the introduction of the relevant person in charge of consumer protection preparations to reporters, several similar complaints and legal aid cases are received every month, such as a slip in the bathroom, a cracked toilet, and a house flooded due to water leakage. Wait for more cases to happen. Although there are most of the reasons for the quality of the manufacturers' products, consumers' neglect of the quality of bathroom accessories also has a certain factor. In this regard, the reporter called Andrea Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., which is in the forefront of the domestic sanitary ware industry in terms of productivity and enterprise scale, and whose products have passed the national product water-saving equipment temporary inspection and inspection. The marketing department specially contacted the relevant product engineers for the reporter, and explained the relevant knowledge of the bathroom accessories for the reporter: In fact, the small accessories of the bathroom contain a lot of knowledge, and it is also a place that consumers cannot ignore, because once there is an improper choice, these Small accessories often become dead corners of hygiene, and accessories with poor quality are likely to rust and corrode in the later stage, which may affect bathroom products such as bathtubs and washbasins. Even due to water leakage and rupture, it will cause losses to people and property. Consumers should pay attention to several issues when choosing bathroom accessories. First, they should look at whether the product structure is reasonably designed and whether the connection parts are tight; second, whether the surface treatment of the product is smooth, whether the electroplating layer is thick, whether the material is appropriate, and whether there is any after-sales service. Guarantee; again, whether the style of the product matches your decoration style. Taking Andrea Sanitary Ware as an example, its flagship products, the Laier Shidan series products, are taken from the original European independent design style, including water, hardware pendants, rain shower series, kitchen basins and sinks, etc., and strictly follow ISO9001: The 2008 international quality system requires material selection, manufacturing and testing, and promises a five-year limited quality assurance to consumers. Enterprises of a certain scale will provide consumers with certain guarantees from management to personnel training and product technology checks. Finally, consumers should go to some large markets when purchasing bathroom accessories, and try not to choose wholesale stalls without formal management. Although the price may be cheaper, due to lack of management, good and bad products are mixed, and shoddy or even counterfeit brands are used. Product phenomenon occurs from time to time. Afterwards, relevant people also gave some advice to consumers through reporters: Don't always make bathroom accessories a subordinate position. In many cases, a small bathroom accessories have become an important part of bathroom decoration. Many times a beautifully designed towel rack or drawer box will impress your guests. The quality of accessories directly affects the service life of your bathtub and other facilities, so you should not ignore small accessories.

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