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garden wash basin out of pallets

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-07-10
Required materials: used pallets, screws (assorted sizes)
, Crowbar, hammer, screw gun, table saw, clamp saw, herringbone saw, Sander, sealer and paint thinner.
This washbasin is made entirely of wooden pallets (
Except the sink of course).
You can find these pallets in the alley, and the manager of the store usually agrees that you take some of the pallets they need to throw away.
Start by deciding the size of the item.
Our washbasin is 2\' x 5\' 6\', about 4\' high.
Next, lay the board for a short period of time, and then lay the second layer length on it.
We think it\'s a good thing to make the top layer look random, so you can see in the picture that some works are shorter and longer than others.
When you screw the part from the top, turn the part over and find the remaining part that is not screwed into the screw, and fix the two top parts completely together.
Next, you need to make a hole in your basin at the top.
Measure your Basin (
We found an old sink that used to be in the RV for $2 in the yard).
You can also find these in the store, but we wait to find what we like without having to pay too much for it.
Reverse the sink or basin at the top, draw your outline and drill holes in every corner of the sink.
If you are using a circular basin, then you may need to make a few holes for your profile. (
You may want to add additional screws to the edge of the place where you are going to cut, so that your wood will stay in place and have been fixed after cutting)
Use the clamp saw to start from one of the holes you drill, along the wire cut for the shape of your basin.
Be careful to have blades long enough to pass through two layers of wood.
Put your Basin into the hole and see which areas you need to cut to fit properly.
If you have not already done so, you will need to unscrew any loose planks from the cut of the drill.
Use your top as a guide to have your bottom frame cut out the parts from the tray.
The crossover part is a good solid frame.
Place a few blocks under the bottom frame, so that when you screw your legs to the frame, the whole project is off the ground.
For the bracket on the top, please use the pallet that the forklift crosses.
When the project is completed, this provides a place to hang the towel, an optional rack can be placed and additional legs of the support screw are added in the middle, passing through the Batten as well as the Batten at the bottom.
Polish the whole work to get a smooth surface and screw the top over the frame.
Seal your work with sealant (
Make sure to remove the bath tub and put it back when it\'s dry).
If oil-based sealant is used, please use paint thinner to keep the brush clean.
This is the completed project.
You can add something extra, such as the holder of the hose (
Your water)
There is also a bucket that grabs the water when it drops from the sink. Have Fun!
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