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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-22
(This Old House)--
Even a small mistake on a floor, wall or wash basin tile can be a big problem.
For example, a tiny dislocated tile may cause patterns and grouting lines to fall off and make a sharp noise.
Worse still, repairing a bad tile is expensive, destructive and confusing, especially if water seeps into cement slurry and damages frames, ceilings and finished walls.
That\'s why it\'s necessary to hire an experienced professional and make sure that the job is done for the first time.
In addition, some applications may require special tiles, edges, cement pastes, adhesives and backboards.
These problems are best solved by an expert who knows what he is doing.
Look for bricklayers in retail tiles stores, not from contractors, and go where professionals go by looking at tiles. -
A supplier\'s shop that provides services to contractors.
These outlets are more likely to know who is doing advanced work.
Consider hiring a commercial contractor willing to take on residential work like yours.
Because most tiles are used in commercial buildings, these are the most experienced professionals.
And politely refuse any carpenter, worker or other non-carpenter-
Experts are already working in your home.
Once you have several names, start checking the current insurance, just as you would with any contractor.
Looking for bricklayers for at least three years commercially--
For them, the minimum required to obtain a professional tool library and a verifiable quality work record.
Then ask Tiller for references.
Here\'s an example. It\'s not enough to just look at photos of past jobs. --
Pictures can lie.
Insist on seeing at least one previous installation.
This old house: Looking at the contractor\'s past work on site, how to find a bent contractor to find quality, remember that each tile or quarry tile is exactly the same size as the next one.
Check whether the spacing between joints is consistent.
Observe grouting lines to make sure they are straight.
The next step is to focus on flat layout. Is it balanced?
A good tiling machine starts at the center of the room, so that the sizes of some tiles at both ends of the pattern are the same.
Check doors, windows and corners at the same time--especially odd-
Forming angle of kickboard or decorative board. Because custom-
Cutting tiles is challenging in these troublesome places. They are a good sign of a bricklayer\'s skill. Look for snug-
Install tile, and pay attention to large cracks and grouting.
Also check whether the tiles are neatly tucked under the doorframe, rather than docking with the doorframe, which looks bad and provides an entry for water.
Check wood and walls to make sure they are free of splashing cement slurry or water stains.
Then ask the homeowner whether the professionals are neat, whether the sinks and wash basin drains have not been washed away;
Cleaning should always be carried out outdoors.
It is also necessary to find out whether the tile leaks or whether the cement slurry cracks, and whether the bricklayers respond promptly and politely. --
And it doesn\'t charge. --
Any questions.
Another way to qualify a sticker is to ask if you can stop at the current workstation.
Once you get there, learn how the project is organized.
Because bricklayers must work quickly to make use of mortar and adhesives for short drying time and neat counting.
An experienced professional will stack tiles neatly according to type, complete customized cutting ahead of time, and prepare patterns so that he will not be trapped in the truck looking for tools and materials.
Experienced bricklayers also cut tiles outside to reduce the clutter left by dust and wet saws.
The Contractor shall place the saw on a plastic tarpaulin to protect the driveway or lawn and ensure that the path between the cutting area and the working area is protected by a chute.
When you\'re there, check whether the bricklayers use some kind of plastic dust shield to seal the work area and other parts of the house.
In addition, if the ongoing ceramic tile works are adjacent to wood decoration, bathtubs or equipment with tape or special coatings, the Contractor shall ensure their protection.
How much do I want to bid?
As you can see now?
Let\'s start the bidding.
However, to get an accurate estimate, you need to provide a scale pattern and a sample of tile for the design and type of tile you think of.
Drafters or architects can convert your schema ideas to 1/4-in. -
It costs about $75 for scale drawings.
Then, bricklayers use scales to estimate labor and waste. --
And warn you not to make such mistakes, such as specifying four distinctive tiles with only 50 boxes, so you can get an expensive 46. -
A souvenir.
When a professional submits a tender, make sure that he specifies one-second-in. -
Thick cement-based lining or similar synthetic products, joints are bonded with ceramic tile adhesives.
Then a clear scope of responsibility is determined by obtaining two written documents. -
Annual leak-proof guarantee.
If your shower is tiled, you should guarantee the same quality to the plumber, especially the shower tub. (
Lead basin, galvanized basin or rubber basin, can prevent water from seeping out from the thin paste of shower tile. .
Before bricklayers arrive, pans should be thoroughly tested.
Finding a good job, most bricklayers prefer to provide materials. Don\'t worry.
With professional discounts, they can usually make a profit and charge the same or less fee as you pay for ceramic tiles in the family center.
With many tile types, finishes, edge treatments and porous ratings, he\'d better go shopping.
In addition, you want any substantive failure to be his responsibility, not yours.
Remember, you have a written guarantee that the tile Union will support his work.
So he\'s most interested in buying quality materials.
In addition, the failure of ceramic tile itself is rare.
This old house: Once the tiler starts working, you may find that the pattern is not what you think.
If you act quickly, it\'s not too late to reconsider.
But you will eventually pay double the installation fee, as well as labor, to eliminate any tiles that have been set.
This is more reason to think carefully about patterns and colours early on.
Walk on newly laid tiles for at least 24 hours(
Wait 48 hours in the shower. .
Use air conditioners or fans to circulate air in the area to facilitate drying.
If the cement slurry breaks down during drying-
A common problem--
Call back the bricklayer immediately for repairs.
After the final grouting is completed, the grouting joints can be sealed with silicone sealant to provide additional protection.
The disadvantage is that you have to re-apply for the seals every six to eight months.
Another method is not to seal seams.
If they get dirty, restore them to their original colour with cement slurry stains.
Damage cost plus most ceramic tile Tenders include removal fees.
If you have a strong back and an economical way to deal with debris, you can save hundreds of dollars to demonstrate yourself.
However, be careful: this is a difficult, dusty job, requiring effective dust shields, dust masks and goggles, as well as a mason\'s chisel, crowbar, hammer and bucket to pull out debris.
If you do, ask the bricklayer what exactly must be removed and how to clean the studs and floor surfaces must start working for him.
This old house: Choosing and using demolition tools is the owner and President of Lipford Construction Company in Mobil, Alabama. Danny Lipford has renovated more than 2,000 apartments in the past 20 years. E-
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