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Granite factory introduces characteristics of granite for you

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-18
manufacturer to introduce you to granite features: compact structure of granite, high compressive strength, bibulous rate is low, surface hardness, good chemical stability, durability is strong, but the fire resistance is poor. is fine and medium grained, coarse granular structure, or porphyritic structure, the thin uniform particles, small gap ( Porosity is commonly 0. 3% ~ 0. 7%) , bibulous rate is not high, Bibulous rate is generally to 0. 15% ~ 0. 46%) , has the good antifreeze performance. High hardness granite, the mohs hardness is controlled in 6, and its density in 2. 63 g/cm3 to 2. 75 g/cm3, between the compression strength - in 100 300 mpa, the fine grained granite can be as high as more than 300 mpa, the bending strength is in commonly 10 ~ 30 mpa. Often solid surface batholith, rock, rock and other forms of output, and controlled by regional tectonic, the average size is larger, distribution is more extensive, so mining is convenient, easy to wait out the aniseed, and its joint development regularly, is advantageous to the mining rules of stone shape. waste rate is high, can do all kinds of processing, plank can spell well. There are not easily weathered granite, can do outdoor decorative stone. texture uniform grain, although color is given priority to with light color department, but also is very rich in red, white, yellow, green, black, purple, brown, beige, blue, etc. , and its relatively little change colors, suitable for widespread use.
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