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Has the beauty of the natural decorative pattern and color of stone material, than other industrialized products more unique charm, it is for designers to provide broad space design at the same time, when the pursuit of natural, chung

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-18
Good natural stone decorative plate depends on the quality of the waste material and processing technology. High quality wall mounted bar countertop material surface decorative pattern and color does not contain too much noise, cloth color uniform, not suddenly light and strong, and the stone material of inferior quality after processing, there will be a lot of can't cover the defect, so the pattern color of stone material surface is an important index of evaluation of wall mounted bar countertop material quality.
in the meantime, when choosing stone, in addition to pay attention to choose the color of stone material surface decorative pattern, glossiness and appearance quality of the adornment such as performance, the wall mounted bar countertop material should also be considered the compressive strength, flexural strength, durability, frost resistance, wear resistance, hardness and other physical and chemical performance indicators.
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