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Hotel high-grade bathroom, enjoy the international experience of bathroom-Vienna hotel bathroom, bathroom internationalization

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-03

Mr. Huang Deman, founder, chairman and CEO of Vienna Hotel Group, pointed out that most of the boutique hotels in China, including the boutique hotel brands under Vienna, have very strict quality requirements, and the core experience link may approach, meet or exceed high-level quality and experience. Among them, a high-level bathroom system is an indispensable configuration for modern business travelers to rest and recuperate, which is equally important in boutique hotels. Vienna Hotel complies with the needs of customers, all bathroom products are made of high-quality glazed materials, and the environmental protection level of materials reaches international standards. The shower system of Vienna Hotel has reached or surpassed the quality of high-level hotels. The water column thickness is uniform, the water droplet size is uniform, the pressure is constant, the water temperature is constant, and the hot water is reached in 4 seconds. Super five-star core experience. Vienna Hotel provides 24-hour massage-like comfort shower service. After a hard day's work, bath time is more relaxing and a beautiful moment in life. At this time, you can face yourself, let go of everything, wash away your fatigue, and erase your worries. Good bathroom equipment, perfect shower system is a must. The carefully configured metallic massage shower head in Vienna Hotel's shower room adopts international advanced technology to ensure that each water droplet is uniform in size and the water pressure is stable and comfortable. It can be massaged while showering. Through intimate contact with water droplets, massage the acupoints with scientific, delicate and even water droplet touch to relax every inch of skin. After relaxing, customers and friends can ensure sufficient and high-level sleep, so as to happily carry out the next business trip. The internationalization of the bathroom of Vienna Hotel allows customers to experience a supreme honor when they are resting.

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