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How much do you know about bathroom cabinet purchase points-bathroom cabinet, purchase points

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-24

Many people feel a headache when they renovate their house, and the more headache is the bathroom decoration. The bathroom is frequently used, and if all the scrubs and cosmetics are crowded into the bathroom, it is easy to appear cluttered. The appearance of the bathroom cabinet makes it possible to keep the bathroom clean. When choosing a bathroom cabinet, it is generally necessary to examine from two aspects. Most of the bathroom cabinets are made of high-quality waterproof sheets as the base material and surface material. The quality of these two materials will directly affect the overall quality of the bathroom cabinet. Therefore, when choosing a bathroom cabinet, we should focus on these two materials. The base material is the main body of the bathroom cabinet. It is concealed by the surface material and cannot be seen. However, under the premise of using the same type of surface material, the type of base material selected determines the quality and price of the cabinet. Therefore, It is even more necessary for us to understand the properties of different substrates. At present, the mainstream base material for bathroom cabinets on the market is waterproof MDF, which is a kind of steel plate processed by a special process after crushing the selected wood raw materials into powder. Its strength and density are divided into high, medium and low. The waterproof performance is very good, and it is the preferred material for high-grade bathroom cabinets. In addition to the superior base material, the quality of the surface material also determines the final quality of the bathroom cabinet. The surface material can be roughly divided into natural stone, artificial stone, fireproof board, baking paint, glass, metal and solid wood, etc. The surface material exposed on the surface is easier to identify the pros and cons. When choosing, you only need to check the degree of airtightness at the closing. In addition, there are many combinations of bathroom cabinets to choose from. Different combinations of members, families with different usage habits and different space patterns can tailor-made bathroom cabinets that suit their own. Bathroom cabinets mainly exist in the following forms. 1. Stand-alone: u200bu200bStand-alone bathroom cabinets are suitable for single owners and rental apartments. They are simple in style, small in footprint, easy to maintain, and have all the functions of storage, washing and lighting. 2. Double type: The double bathroom cabinet is the best choice for a two-person combination with a large bathroom. It can avoid the situation that two people are in a hurry in the morning due to waiting for a washbasin. 3. Combined type: The combined bathroom cabinet has strong functionality and clear classification. It has open shelves, drawers and flat doors. The shapes and specifications are also different, which can be used according to the frequency of the items. and quantity to choose different combination forms and placement positions. 4. Symmetrical: Symmetrical bathroom cabinets bring a sense of visual and functional balance. Whether you are used to using your right hand or your left hand, you will find a comfortable side to place items and towels. 5. Open: Open bathroom cabinets are suitable for bathrooms with good airtightness and dryness. Because all supplies are exposed, the requirements for cleanliness are relatively high. This form is very convenient in use, and everything is clear at a glance, saving the trouble of looking around.

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