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How much do you know the marble ground maintenance

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-03
is a kind of very hard, beautiful stones, bedding and the floor is not only beautiful and easy, and durable! ! ! ! is a kind of very hard, beautiful stones, bedding and the floor is not only beautiful and easy, and durable! ! ! ! But in order to maintain the luster of the solid surface sheets for sale floors and clean, maintenance and is not as easy as ceramic or solid surface floor. floor in after completion of the first comprehensive wax surface care after 3 months, if there are partial wear is needed to fill treatment wax and polish, so as to prolong the service life and also increase the durability of the floor. After completion of the first comprehensive wax surface care 8 - After 10 months, suggested that wax or overall cleaning after waxing again. Can every night on inward and outward condition permits and polishing processing elevator maintenance. The usual daily sweep clean must be used for a half dry wet mop mop, and then use push dust by miles outward push dust, it is one of the main daily solid surface sheets for sale floor cleaning job, cleaning is also very important. When wiping the ground must not use strong acid or alkaline detergent to clean the ground, so as not to cause damage and affect the service life of the floor. To use a dedicated neutral cleaner, but the moisture of mop needs to twist dry mop mop again; Also can use brush machine and neutral detergent scrubbing of the floors, and use suction machine blot moisture in time. Meet special dirty place, want to use water with right amount of neutral detergent evenly after cleaning, keep the end leave stains. Life more stubborn stain local, such as red wine stain non-ferrous, chewing gum, coffee, must be clear, clean and micro wet towels on the stain, pat towel adsorption dirt. While the hardness of the marble floor is very high, some plate glass drops is a cup with a first damaged shattered, but life still need to pay attention to avoid hard objects fall at ordinary times, free fall things have a lot of power, it is really a big for the floor damage, if hard too heavy, it will be very easy to cause the damage of the floor. So we should pay attention to avoid hard fall. Winter can place water absorption mat on inward and outward, often clean dirt, water, the ground USES brush machine cleaning 1 ~ 2 times per week. Unique production of marbling, higher compressive strength, bibulous rate is low, adornment effect is good, is a natural stone material around the supply of high quality manufacturers.
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