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How sichuan white marble railings made?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-20
Sichuan has beautiful white marble railings, fashion, deformation, etc, can be widely used in water conservancy, such as parks, municipal guardrail homework. As follow baoxing jade stone factory today to see how the sichuan white marble railings made? Sichuan white solid surface sheets railings before manufacturing, construction personnel needs in a timely manner to remove stone block, and we will find that the white solid surface sheets stone are all requirements in accordance with the field length rail length points to the board face ok, acrylic countertops processing time will be in accordance with good segmentation cut size. Sichuan white marble railings in finished stone block removal operations in the future, and construction personnel demand according to the actual situation of engineering drawings, in accordance with the corresponding requirement of party a's customized style, common style of the railing pillars were generally can be divided into: square column, cylindrical, xiangyun column, dragon post, etc. , during which styles of the rail: chrysanthemum patterns, in extremely good fortune all sorts of exquisite pictures, such as type and vase, assembly type, etc. Sichuan white solid surface sheets railings in processing the pictures in the future is the acrylic countertops polishing operation, general acrylic countertops railings appearance by polishing processing, but different levels, the natural price is different also. Polishing ends in the future, a set of exquisite stone balustrade has ended. Although sounds feel engineering is very troublesome, but in practice there are still some difficulties coefficient.
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