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How to buy whole body brick-buying, whole body brick

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-07

Whole body brick is a kind of wear-resistant brick. Since the interior design has generally tended to be plain design recently, the whole body brick has become more and more fashionable and is widely used in living rooms, corridors and other decoration floors. In terms of purchasing, you can refer to the following points: 1. Most of the non-slip floor tiles of specifications are full-body tiles. In general, the more commonly used full-body brick specifications are 300mm × 300mm, 400mm × 400mm, 500mm × 500mm, 600mm × 600mm, 800mm × 800mm, etc. Therefore, when the owner chooses the whole body brick, he must see clearly what specifications he needs, according to the actual needs.

Application of whole body brick in kitchen and bathroom

2. Color Generally speaking, the reason why it is called whole body brick is because the color of its front and back is both consistent. You can use your eyes to observe the whole body brick samples provided by the dealer to see if the front and side colors are the same. If there is a significant difference in the color, it means that the product is not a good quality whole body brick. 3. Wear-resistant whole-body bricks have good wear resistance, so generally heavier items should not have obvious scratches or cracks on the whole-body bricks. When purchasing whole-body bricks, you can test them in this way. The quality is good or not. 4. Deformation degree The whole body brick will not be deformed. When the owner selects materials, he can test it with a few drops of water. If the shape of the whole body brick is slightly changed, it means that the quality of this whole body brick is not very good. Need to exchange with the merchant.

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