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How to choose a European style bathroom mirror There are ways to install a bathroom mirror-European style bathroom mirror, install bathroom mirror

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-27

The bathroom mirror has a unique advantage to expand the space. The mirror has the visual effect of increasing the height, especially in the relatively small space such as the bathroom. The clever use of the wall mirror can even make it appear to double the actual area. above. You can put a mirror on the front of the door, or put a mirror on the left or right to extend the line of sight, and people will not feel depressed and crowded in it. How to choose European-style bathroom mirrors for hidden spaces? Install bathroom mirrors. There are ways to apply the mirror to the cabinet door of the cabinet, and hide a number of storage compartments behind the mirror. Toiletries and skin care products can be classified and organized, which can make good use of the top of the washstand. It can also bring some visual ductility to the bathroom through the reflection of the mirror surface. Even if it is occasionally placed in a mess, as long as the door is closed, the eyes are immediately clean, and the space will expand a lot. Make a screen It is not only a mirror, but also a partition screen for the shower room. Installing a folding mirror similar to a louver can add a lot of color to the space. In fact, interesting ideas come from the little details of life. You can consider matching gray walls with black furniture, lighting up the space with white sanitary ware, and adding the magic of mirrors to create a dark bathroom with a unique charm. For the specific realization method of the folding mirror, it is still necessary to consult the designer, such as the load-bearing problem of the mirror itself, and what kind of rails and connectors to choose, etc., all need the help of professionals. Do abstract art In a bathroom dominated by white, a mirror with a silver frame can play a very good finishing touch. And hang various styles of mirrors on the wall to form patterns, just like hanging decorative paintings, this kind of creativity can activate the bathroom wall more. The bathroom walls do not have to be covered with tiles. Those places that will not be splashed by water can be painted with waterproof paint. In terms of texture and visual effect, paint is more intimate than stone, and it also leaves a stage for the performance of mirrors. . Mirrors are incompatible with each other because of their characteristics, but consciously recombining the cut mirrors can even form a unique abstract artwork on the wall.

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