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How to choose a good bathroom cabinet-bathroom cabinet, bathroom

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-29

In the selection and preparation of decoration materials, the choice of bathroom cabinets is more troublesome for consumers. Some people say that no matter how poor you are, you can't be poor in education, and you can't save a bathroom cabinet no matter how much you save. However, in the face of the vast bathroom cabinet market, there is still a feeling of searching for him in the crowd. It is also a one-meter-long bathroom cabinet, and the price difference will be several thousand yuan. The next point is a one-meter bathroom cabinet that costs thousands of dollars, and Kohler's one-meter bathroom cabinet is more than 8,300 yuan after discount. It's confusing me, I don't know what's wrong, it's really tangled. After several months of investigation and understanding, I believe that the quality of bathroom cabinets is mainly determined by the following three aspects. ①The overall beauty and practicality ②The material of the cabinet ③The quality of the water basin. Let’s talk about the overall beauty and practicality first. That is to say, it should look generous and the color should be beautiful, but not too dazzling. Because the night is too dazzling, easy to be exciting, and then it is difficult to fall asleep. At the same time, in a small space, it is necessary to put as many small bits and pieces as possible, and it is also convenient to take. At this point, the new product is more and more satisfactory, especially after the beautiful pull basket is added, it will make it show its full potential. It's addicting. There are beautiful ones in high-level resistance, especially the bathroom cabinets made in Chengdu. The price is not high, but the cabinets are graceful. That said, overall aesthetic utility has little to do with their price. Xiao Bian's experience, as long as you turn a few more markets, no matter the price, you will be satisfied. Then there is the material of the cabinet. In addition to stainless steel and glass, the materials of the cabinet are Malaysian oak, Thai oak, domestic oak, rubber wood, pvc... Different materials have different costs; different processing (paint), the costs are also different. So, the price is different. Sometimes, merchants will also say that my board is thicker than others, and the price is higher. In terms of materials, merchants will not be led by the nose. If it is a 6-70 cm bathroom cabinet, the quality requirements of the cabinet need not be too high. If the Malaysian oak can be used for ten years, the pvc will not be less than ten years. If a 2cm thick board will last ten years, I dare say that a 1.8cm thick board will last ten years too. If you don't deliberately compare the two plates together, it's still in the past. I don't know how many people can tell the difference between oak and rubber wood at a glance. Besides visiting a new home, who pays special attention to what material your bathroom cabinet is made of? Besides, the difference between them is not that big, and pvc is so unsightly? In fact, some businesses will fool people. Obviously it is rubber wood, he said it is oak; obviously it is not all rubber wood, he said it is all oak; obviously it is not solid wood, he also said it is solid wood. Sometimes, he would also say that my Malaysian solid wood does not crack. Of course, the fineness of the workmanship can raise the grade, you don't need to listen too much to the introduction of the merchant, you just need to touch the corners that ordinary people don't pay attention to, and see how smooth it is. The inferior product only cares about the big surface, and the good product will care about every point, and every detail of it is very fine. So, this money is not a must to spend, pick a more beautiful one and do what you can! However, the large bathroom cabinet over one meter is different. The firmness of the cabinet, I think, still needs attention. I have seen a one-meter bathroom cabinet in Red Star Macalline. I especially admire the basin, and the surface glaze is very good, but the bathroom cabinet is a 1.8 cm thick pvc board. Looking at it from a distance, it is thin and very single, giving people the feeling of a big head and a small body. I don't know how many years it can last. Anyway, the merchants dare not say that it will be guaranteed for ten years. Finally, talk about the water basin. The editor believes that it is the key to choosing a bathroom cabinet. A good water basin has a high degree of finish, the glaze is splendid, and does not hide dirt; a good water basin, after washing your face, gently wipe it with your hands, and the surface of the basin will be as bright as before; a good water basin, ten years later, still radiant . Furthermore, it should be straight, and it should be flat, especially the large pots over 1 meter, which can better compare the quality of it. The porcelain basin is close to the wall, the good basin will be intimate with the wall, there is almost no gap, and the secondary basin will be filled with glass glue. I just asked a businessman, can your porcelain basin stick to the wall? She said: 'It's impossible. The quality gap between good pots and secondary pots is so big, and the price gap is of course big. It is impossible to install a real Guangdong Foshan basin in a bathroom cabinet of thousands of dollars. Consumers have worked hard for decades to buy new houses with loans, and new houses will not be rented out. I definitely want to weigh it again and again, and I noticed that some second-tier high-end products are also good. In particular, the quality of their bathroom cabinets and basins is not inferior to that of first-tier brands, or even better, but the price is much lower. Generally, it is around 2 to 3 thousand yuan (referring to a one-meter pot).

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