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How to choose the natural marble engineering building decoration materials

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-25
Natural marble is one of the main material for decoration engineering, due to the marble effect of high-end, atmosphere, elegant and beautiful, not only the family is decorated, even the engineering and construction decoration, solid surface sheets for sale is necessary materials have been. Natural marble can be roughly divided into white, yellow, green, red, coffee, black seven series, the marble is white fastens decorative stone in one of the most use, such as; White marble belongs to the most high-end of the white marble stone, from the beginning in the tang dynasty recorded mining well applied in coating, white fence, construction and so on. With production time, more and more mining wastes of resources and environmental pollution, punch for stone mining regulation in our country, China's largest white marble mines 'well' was shut down. engineering building decoration materials 80% is given priority to with white stone marble, considering the engineering cost, engineering construction materials not imported stone material, mainly composed of local white solid surface sheets for sale. White marble, white marble products contain mid-range decoration stone material, not only suitable for home decoration stone in the end, and low-end engineering construction stone. Engineering construction stone must consider the cost problem, white marble with unique texture, hardness meet international standards, can also be called carrara white marble. White stone because of its board face no other white white degree is high, the more comes in gray and white board face, and its pattern above the Snow White and the carrara white marble, only its high-end marble whiteness is not high, but white gloss over 95%. Long-term supply white marble project board, the company has with many real estate companies to achieve strategic partners, has the ability of variability and custom design, its own marble mines, 13 years of professional marble production, output stability, welcome each big supplier contact.
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