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How to choose the right stone?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-25
At present, the primary USES of stone material is for the use of decoration, compared with other decorate material, its biggest difference lies in the stone material is natural mineral, in many ways, such as color, texture, the construction and materials and so on various aspects has its unique conditions; So when selecting also have the way of its application. Overall, the stone material to choose from the following aspects into consideration: ( A) , budget, cost considerations. Different stone material due to its quality, quantity and production. 。 。 。 Etc, often also have significant difference on the price. ( 2) And aesthetic expression. Color, pattern and texture of stone material belong to the more subjective factors on the selection of level, to the natural stone material has a deeper understanding, the expression of artistic conception in the design will be better and flexible. Generally speaking, the class of solid surface sheets for sale stone material is of rich colors and patterns, performance is given priority to with smooth and soft texture, and granite type on color and pattern change is less, but have more flexible in terms of quality, in addition, the solid surface in the overall feeling of appear relatively solemn and classical. ( 3) And stone material quality control. ( A) Material of uniform and complete: avoid dark crack, black scar and color difference problem. ( 2) Of stone material ingredient: ( 1) Avoid stone contains high levels of iron sulfide, iron oxide, salt, harmful material such as carbon and clay. ( 2) Avoid stone contain radiation elements. ( 3) Avoid stone contains high thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity of the mineral composition, in order to avoid the risk of cracks, heat conduction and conductive. ( 4) And durability. Choose to have good durability of stone material, not only can keep outside buildings with beautiful forever, more can ensure the solid and security of the stone. According to understand: the emergence of some new technology, also offers the who decorate stone material is many apply conditions. The emergence of such as geothermal technology, solve the stone ice in winter
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