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How to create a high-quality bathroom-create high-quality, bathroom

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-27

Reasonable functional division and item storage Even if it is a relatively simple bathroom configuration, the smart toilet cover should have a reasonable functional division. If space permits, the bathroom can be divided into dry and wet areas, which not only makes it more convenient to use, but also ensures hygiene. Bacteria are easier to breed in humid areas, so pay attention to open windows often for ventilation, and you can buy desiccants that can absorb moisture and put them in a suitable location. Since this area often deals with water, special attention should be paid to the problems of waterproofing and launching, as well as safety issues such as splash-proof configuration, leakage prevention of sockets and electrical appliances. The dry area is generally suitable for placing the necessary and commonly used items in the bathroom. For the sake of hygiene, not only personal items should be placed separately, but also different types of items can be stored separately. Now that bathroom cabinets have entered the home, the placement and storage of items is no longer a problem. Cabinets and drawers can help develop good personal hygiene habits. In addition, it is also a larger area where the functions of the bathroom can be extended. You can extend it into a reading area, a storage area, a makeup area, etc. according to your own habits and preferences. TIPS: The division of wet and dry areas can enhance the comfort of the bathroom. In the construction of wet areas, attention should be paid to the hidden dangers of hygiene and safety. For dry areas, the individual's initiative can be exerted to a greater extent. The slogan of light decoration and heavy decoration has been mentioned all the time, of course, the bathroom cannot be ignored. Because the function of the toilet now not only stays on the original basic requirements, it is more and more endowed with cultural meaning by people who pay attention to the quality of life. Therefore, the toilet also needs to incorporate more things to meet the needs of people with different personalities. . Although the style has been determined before the decoration, the original idea may be affected or weakened due to various conditions during the implementation of the project. Even so, after the decoration is completed, things other than configuration and decoration can be used to make up for it, and it can be completely controlled by the owner himself, which may also obtain unexpected effects. Some accessories are not only decorative, but also some useful function. For example, green plants, according to the size of the space, you can choose appropriate plants to decorate the space. The humid and warm atmosphere in the bathroom is just suitable for the growth of those shade-loving plants, and they can also play a role in purifying the air. In addition, some small accessories that can complement the style of the bathroom can also strengthen the visual effect, and can also show the personality of the owner and add a humanistic atmosphere.

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