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How to effectively identify white marble?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-18
'Han', 'white' and 'jade' these three words. 'Jade' word speak the characteristics of the white marble 1, pervious to light the sex identification can be identified with ordinary light or sunlight white marble of true and false, it is an important method of identification. White marble is not jade, it is a kind of marble, was called the white marble, white marble mainly because of jade-like stone embellish luster, thin places can be pervious to light in the sun, shining brightly color is white. Turn white marble of the sun, it can be seen with the visual effect of Venus, which is highlight the characteristics of the white and jade white marble, only need to the sun when appraisal can see what happened to the transmission of light. 2, white marble grain appraisal really is not pure and flawless, and natural jade, white solid surface sheets inside with a shallow grain, is like the stamp of the human body sweating, so you can observe the internal if this grain of white marble, and if so, it is really white marble, the markings, is artificial and become, even if you can, don't seem so natural. Now science and technology developed, some of the so-called white marble also conforms to the above three criteria, but they are also false, because they are using powder pressed out. So how to identify? One of the main defects are white marble's impact. Observation of the white marble sculpture, you will find a characteristic: whether the lion, huabiao, or column or railing, no matter how beautiful, have never won't appear hollow out the grain. This is not white marble carving master less competent people, but due to its own defects. White marble is quality of a material is solid, but fragile fragile, so the white marble sculpture, had a study called 'jealousy'. Like to carve a holding dragon crescent moon blade duke guan like, if it is wood or clay sculpture, the sword and body must be separated. If with white marble carving, the handle must be and close to the body, don't let sculpture thin white marble be a strain. As a result, the whole like a wooden stick, no cracks in the middle. On the market today, many businessmen make a white marble statue of acrylic countertops powder pressing all use of material, or is the stone carved with a soft, pretending to be white solid surface sheets. This kind of material of stone without the Achilles' heel of the white marble stone, so it can make the various complex hollow out modelling. But the trick is of the gild the lily, was relatively obvious flaw. White marble maintenance notice: 1, avoid direct flush white marble acrylic countertops and natural stone, as a kind of porous material will breathe, so it is easy to absorb water or invaded by water soluble pollution. if absorb too much moisture and contamination, inevitably will cause all kinds of stone disease. Such as: split, weathering, fall off, float, spit yellow, water spots, rusty spot, hua, mist, and other issues. So white marble sculpture should avoid to wash with water or wash white marble sculpture surface with a wet mop. 2, avoid is optional that many different kinds of wax, wax market on a water-based wax, wax feeling fat acid, acrylic wax and so on. These preserved basically all containing the acid and alkali substance. Not only can the wool stoma block stone carving breathing, also with WuChen wax scale formation, causing white marble sculpture surface yellowing phenomenon. If pedestrians and goods circulation frequency high place must be preserved, you must ask professional maintenance company for guidance and maintenance.
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