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How to maintain white marble mesa?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-12
Over the years to see a lot of white marble marble has entered innumberable families. But some customers have some misunderstandings about white marble acrylic countertops texture, thought that this kind of acrylic countertops is not afraid of cross sharp objects. But in fact is made of white marble white marble mesa, because white marble with diamond strong appearance, therefore, has a strong scratch resistance of white marble. However, the long-term use can make the white marble mesa vulnerable to scratch and scratch. So how to prevent the white marble is scratch and scratch? Seal white marble mesa white marble mesa is porous material, care not satisfactory, they are very simple scratches and bruises. Curing agent, forming a layer for the maintenance of white marble mesa table maintenance. This layer maintenance also makes the appearance is very smooth, shiny white marble. White marble mesa unit before sale, manufacturers will seal appearance from the beginning. But as time goes on, this layer maintenance will gradually wear and tear, therefore, regularly from top sealing surface. You can also buy from manufacturers, in order to save some white marble mesa curing agent items. Sell white marble mesa manufacturers necessary consultation for manufacturers from curing agent product may be different. To prevent the use of sharp objects made white marble mesa white marble acrylic countertops countertops are often used to prepare food. In cutting things directly threatens table, or even ugly scratch marks table. Chopping block cut pad in food and other assistance to maintain white marble mesa. You'll also be able to plant a white marble mesa wood chopping block. If this way doesn't work, so you can reduce some of the white marble mesa. If you can't prevent the white marble mesa cut, and then gently cut moment. Prevent from white marble mesa drag-and-drop mixer kitchen equipment, food processing machine, oven, stirrer kitchen equipment is heavy equipment, etc. Their internal may have sharp edges, the sharp edge will scrape or scratch white solid surface sheets mesa. If the kitchen equipment is too heavy, please help raise or in mat at the bottom of the foam pad. Foam mat is very help to move objects, can also prevent leaving scratches on table together. After each use to clean the white marble mesa. What may prepare food will scratch white marble mesa. Use neutral rain-water aqueous cleaning the table, to ensure that the mesa have no harmful particles. In addition, use a sponge, rather than grinding goods sorting table to reduce the scratch, therefore, have bought the white marble mesa, at ordinary times must pay more attention to.
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