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How to properly use explosion-proof gas water heaters - tips, gas water heaters, explosion-proof

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-27

Gas water heaters are instant washable and durable, making them the best choice for savvy housewives. Because the use of gas water heaters involves fire, water, gas, and electricity, the use environment is more complex, and consumers tend to ignore some problems in their use, causing deflagration accidents and causing unnecessary losses. Wanhe, a gas water heater company, helps consumers understand the precautions for the correct use of gas water heaters to prevent deflagration. Deflagration means that when the gas water heater is ignited, there will be a loud 'bang' sound, resulting in deflagration. This phenomenon is caused by insufficient air pressure. When the fire was fired the first time, the fire was not fired because the air pressure was too low, and the second time the air was in, the air volume was too sufficient, so it would cause deflagration. Wanhe gas water heater technical personnel advise, gas water heater products must be installed by regular manufacturers or their after-sales maintenance service points. To sum up, the following points must be paid attention to to prevent deflagration: 1. Remove carbon deposits. After the ignition needle or burner has carbon deposits, sometimes deflagration occurs when igniting, and maintenance personnel must be asked to clean it. Users who use artificial gas must ask maintenance personnel to clean them every six months. Second, check the battery. When the power of the flue machine battery is insufficient, it cannot be ignited normally during ignition, resulting in gas accumulation and deflagration. The battery must be replaced with a new one (pay attention to the positive and negative directions when installing). 3. Check the gas hose. If there is air leakage at the connection of the gas hose, or the hose is aged or bitten by mice, etc., it is necessary to use soapy water to check the leakage to prevent gas leakage, so as to prevent gas leakage, accumulation, and explosion in case of sparks. Relevant national standards stipulate that the hose must be replaced within 2 years of use. Fourth, the air source should be adapted. According to different gas sources such as natural gas, liquefied gas, artificial gas, etc., a water heater can only be adapted to the same gas source. The gas water heater must be professionally installed by professional maintenance personnel of regular manufacturers to avoid the problem of unsuitable gas source caused by unauthorized installation by users. create a safety hazard. 5. Safe use of liquefied gas cylinders. It is not safe to shake the gas bottle, place it at an angle, or put the gas bottle upside down. It may cause the liquid in the bottle to be sprayed everywhere inside the water heater. The residue in the liquid will burn when it meets the fire point, which will be very dangerous. Sixth, check the cylinder pressure reducing valve. For bottled liquefied gas, the gas pressure in the bottle is reduced to about 2800Pa through the pressure reducing valve at the bottle mouth, and the natural volatilization is delivered to the gas product. If the output pressure of the cylinder pressure reducing valve is too high or too low, the pressure of the cylinder pressure reducing valve must be adjusted. . Seventh, the flue machine is installed with a smoke pipe. There is a large smoke pipe interface on the top of the flue machine. If the smoke pipe is not installed, the interface is bound to be exposed, and flammable substances may fall into the water heater through the top and cause fire, resulting in an accident. Eight, put an end to non-standard installation. Incorrect installation of air pipes and smoke pipes may lead to air leakage, combustion and explosion accidents in case of fire. Wanhe specially reminds the majority of users that the correct installation, use and maintenance of gas water heaters can prolong the service life of gas water heaters and help you enjoy high-quality hot water life comfortably!

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