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How to solve the problem of natural marble fade

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-23
Natural marble fade factor is mainly used for outdoor wall act the role of surface decoration, after 2 to 3 years of the wind rain, the sulfur dioxide in air and YunBaiShi reaction form gypsum, marble surface like faded fuzzy. Bunsen won't fade, solid surface sheets for sale is mainly composed of calcite, YunBaiShi, limestone and hauling, give priority to, its main component is calcium carbonate calcium carbonate composition accounts for about 50% to 95%. Carbonate calcium carbonate of 【 CO3】 Ion is lively, easy and acidic sulfur dioxide in the air, formed by turbidity particle attached to the marble surface, make the marble look fuzzy, similar fading conditions. Natural marble basically belongs to building materials decoration class A standards, can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration, the stiff degree not high solid surface, marble marble used for outdoor decoration, vulnerable to the sun weathered surface crystal, marble, as long as the crystal weathering surface protection, the rain is easy to react with calcium carbonate. To form gypsum or penetrating the alkali, as well as the long rusty spot phenomenon. How to solve the problem of natural marble fade? In general only the exterior solid surface sheets for sale fading problems, to solve the problem of fade as long as the stone grinding and polishing is available again, relative ceramic tile, marble is the biggest advantage of repeat refurbished without affecting the panel brightness and beautiful. more commonly used in indoor, because indoor marble basically no wind rain, its surface crystal can protect the marble from the weathering for a long time, also can resist the penetration of moisture, dirt and stains. effect not only can meet grade pursuit for high-end atmosphere to meet, can increase the satisfaction of decorate.
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