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In the marble is very popular now, some marble looks very smooth, so you know how to make smooth marble is? Next, we'll accurately

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-20

polishing: ground surface looks very 'soft', obvious scratch, without too much care. , limestone and SLATE for polishing processing.

polishing: high gloss surface. Polishing may last a long time may also not to, basically be to see the type of stone. , solid surface sheets for sale and limestone are usually polishing processing, and require different maintenance to maintain its luster.

chop axes: surface is not smooth. After preliminary cutting, stone material for further processing to eliminate the obvious kerf, but its effect reach after polishing effect. , marble and limestone can handle, usually under the condition of the custom.

pickling: surface have small traces of corrosion. Pickling surface scratches less, look more simple than polish. Most of the stones can be pickling, but the most common is marble and limestone. A method of pickling and soften the solid surface luster.

the fire: rough surface. The surface is mainly used for indoor finishes such as floor or a commercial building, labor cost is higher. Fire was formed fast cooling after high temperature heating surface. Burning surface is usually granite.

scrub: old surface. Process is scrubbing the wall mounted bar countertop surface, imitated natural stone wear effect.

craze: rough surface, but not as rough as fire. This kind of surface treatment is usually cut by hand or in mine chisel to show natural stone crack surface. This kind of surface treatment is mainly used to SLATE.

roll: smooth surface or slightly rough, smooth edges and is broken. There are several ways to achieve the rolling effect. 20 mm brick can roll in the machine, 3 cm brick can also processing, then split into two brick. and limestone is the first choice for the rolling processing of materials.
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