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In today's decorative materials, natural stone material with its beautiful decorative pattern and hard physical characteristics, become the preferred decorative lobby, ground and wall. For a long period of time to make

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-14

  1. floor renovation of

natural marble and marble, main ingredients, such as calcium carbonate and magnesium, sodium, silicon type hardness number 4. Five or so, softer. Weathering resistance is poor, so the wear surface is easy to lose luster. We can according to the degree of stone material surface abrasion, the depth of choice for mild, moderate, stone renovation.

solid surface sheets for sale renovate the required equipment, parts and consumables for: ordinary compound machine ( Or choose stone refurbished machines) , a 4 'a diamond grinding slice, 17 inch over new dish, suction machine, billboards, watering can, glass, wipe water scraper, bucket.

(1) mild marble renovation

stone material surface was slight scratches, can use mild refurbished processing renovation process. Such as old wax wax is commonly, the ground, and then use 800 # a diamond polishing grinding slice water 10 minutes, note: adding water in the process of grinding, to keep the ground moist, and drain sewage suction machine, the second pollution of the ground to prevent sewage. Again in 1500 #, 3000 # polished section, and a diamond grinding slice, using the above method one by one. All after the completion of the renovation program, with clean water and dry stone material surface absorption of water, mild marble renovation work is done.

2. Moderate refurbished marble

when the stone material surface loses luster, can not be completely reflected objects but not too deep scratches, can be used to moderate refurbished processing renovation process. Use 200 #, 400 #, 800 #, 1500 #, 3000 # crystal, flowing emerald water on each piece of grinding, grinding method, points for attention in line with the above.

(3) the depth of the marble renovation

when there is holes, stone material surface weathering, severe corrosion, completely lose luster and deep scratches, can use refurbished processing depth renovation process. Before renovation will repair the hole, as follows: holes in the dirt cleaned first, then dry wall mounted bar countertop, according to the color of the original stone material and reflective properties of imported epoxy resin adhesive or unsaturated resin adhesive, after toning and then to repair, using compound machine, with double new dish and 50 #, 150 #, 200 #, 400 #, 800 #, 1500 #, 3000 # crystal emerald water flowing on each piece of grinding. Grinding method, matters needing attention in line with mild refurbished.

  2. renovation

solid surface, commonly known as the granite, mainly composed of quartz, mica, mohs hardness value is 6. Five or so, quality of a material is solid, long-term use of easy appear natural weathering and wear phenomenon, its performance characteristics for mica fall off. The stone material surface has a small recess pitting appeared, when pit growing, granite surface brightness down, lose their original luster, touch from time to tome AoTuGan, using stone renovation can restore luster.

use physical grinding method must satisfy two conditions: first, the weight of the renovated machine; Second, the renovated machine speed. That is to say, in the stone grinding process need to weight and low speed; In polishing the bright process, need low weight and high speed.

granite refurbished equipment, parts and consumables required: professional stone refurbished machines, 3 inch metal grinding, renovation, 9 inch red polishing pad, suction machine, billboards, watering can, photometer, windshield washer, water and a bucket.

working procedures and construction methods:

(1) set up a sign at the scene of the work, in order to prevent mud spill dirt on the walls, with plastic transparent film stick the ground around the wall at the bottom of the well. In stone refurbished machines in water tank, connect the power supply for, ready to all types of metal grinding, renovation, etc. , and adjust the equipment and the ground level, ready to work. Such as old wax is the ground commonly, wax.

(2) the use of 50 # 6 metal grinding slice, tighten respectively installed on the two grinding head dish, add two pieces of a total of 50 kg counterweight iron, dispatch a refurbished machine speed to 500 RPM, water grinding and starter motor. Grinding 1 square meter area each time, push-pull 3 ~ 5 times, repeatedly cut mouth part of the grinding stone material to smooth, moderate water when grinding, dry grinding, with blot, vacuum suction machine net on the ground.

(3) to replace # 150 # metal grinding, 300 metal grinding, grinding according to the order leveling snip, eliminate coarse grinding crack. Forth, blow wash blot on the ground.

(4) using 200 #, 400 #, 800 #, speed 500 r/min to continue grinding machine.

5) to use 1500 #, 3000 # polished section was carried out on the surface polishing, then took two counterweight iron machine, to increase the speed from 500 RPM to 650 RPM, finally will be washed stone material surface, and blow dry, present a beautiful beautiful colour.

some stone in color becomes shallow color difference appears after the renovation, because stone in front of the factory in order to reduce the chromatism done special color processing, and these special stains in a refurbished grinding 'luoyang shi caihang'

the luoyang hongtai shi caihang is located in luoyang los dragon district flat NieWan village, is home stone processing, installation and decoration in a body's comprehensive stone material enterprise. Company in strict quality control, to develop the market, creating famous brand products at home and abroad under the guidance of strategic thinking, build a clear development strategy, strengthen the construction of the management system and management function, through constant development, has formed a complete set of production, design, sales, processing, installation of the network system.

we have a large stone processing machinery, to undertake high standards at home and abroad, demanding large quantities of large projects. The company pursues 'good faith' the purpose, to 'exploration, innovation, struggle, development' powered by entrepreneurship, 'to the quality strives for the survival, to the credibility of development' business philosophy, constantly innovative technology standard, expanding the scope of the market, will be to a higher level of service brand, make the company a foothold in the invincible position in the same industry.

company with domestic and international city building business cooperation in recent years, many major construction projects, participate in the construction of the new construction throughout the country, companies with sophisticated equipment, first-class products, best reputation and quality services, for building decoration engineering feat! Welcome to patronize negotiate!
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