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Integrated moisture-proof solution for bathroom-bathroom hygiene, moisture-proof

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-10

With the gradual improvement of people's requirements for the quality of life, the bathroom has increasingly become an important part of the home. As a functional area with large water consumption, how to prevent moisture is very important. When laying wall and floor tiles or stone in the bathroom, sufficient waterproofing should be done under the surface layer. Cement mortar should be used to level the ground, and high-quality waterproof paint should be applied. After that, a layer of 1:2 cement mortar should be laid as a bonding layer. The material is paved and pasted, and after watering, it is patted with wooden boards to achieve flatness and firmness and tight joints. To deal with the running water on the ground surface, it must be sloped to the floor, without flooding or stagnant water, and only after a 24-hour water storage test can there be no leakage. It is recommended to use a micro-porous aluminum gusset for the ceiling of the bathroom to enhance ventilation and prevent condensation, and the moisture-proof effect is better. If you make a gypsum board ceiling, you should first apply waterproof putty, and then apply waterproof paint. In addition, the use of PVC ceilings is prone to condensate water and drips, so use it with caution. The installation of pipes in the bathroom should try to avoid changing the original upper and lower open pipes. It must be horizontal and vertical, laid firmly, and the slope meets the requirements during decoration. The floor drain design is still based on the upper and lower water pipes, and the surface should be slightly lower than the ground. It is recommended to purchase a good quality deodorant floor drain. The installation position of bathroom sanitary ware should be correct, and the upper edge of the appliance should be level. Bathroom appliances should be branded products with good waterproof performance, such as bath heaters or Yuba used in humid environments for a long time. The shell should be made of stainless steel, with good anti-corrosion properties, and with waterproof power switches, cables and plugs. The use of wood materials should be reasonably avoided in the bathroom. When it is really necessary to use it, fireproof boards should be used or fully mixed with oil for decoration, which can be waterproof. When doing ceiling or other package decoration, the hidden hidden wooden keel needs to be painted with waterproof paint or preservative.

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