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Internal technology determines the durability of bathroom products-internal technology, bathroom products, durability

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-02

Bathroom refers to utensils such as wash basins and toilets. Compared with other building materials, bathrooms are not only durable, but also durable. It is no wonder that many consumers do not dare to be sloppy on bathroom products when they are renovating. According to industry insiders: the choice of bathroom products can not only look at the appearance, craftsmanship and materials are particularly important. Key words: water Buy water, look at the copper content Shot 1: Mr. Wang, a citizen, went to a bathroom store and saw that some bathroom showers in the store cost thousands of yuan. Later, he bought some cheap water, but after using it for less than half a year, the shower could not withstand the erosion of water, not only rusted, but also leaked. Advice from industry insiders: Fang Jincheng, the brand manager of Zhongyu Sanitary Ware Nanning who opened a flagship store in Dajiahui Building Materials Home Furnishing City, said that when citizens buy water, merchants usually emphasize the copper content of water to consumers. The higher the copper content of the main water accessories, the less likely the water is to rust. The copper content of low-grade water is 30-40%, and the water of first-line brands is more than 61%. Some unscrupulous merchants have added heavy metals other than copper to the water, and consumers feel that it is heavy in their hands, but it may not reach the ideal copper content, and even the lead content exceeds the standard; The water pipes are made of iron, which also has the potential to rust. The water control valve core plays an important role in the service life of water. At present, most of the domestic first-line brands use imported valve cores, and some international first-line brands of water control valve cores can switch 500,000 times without leakage. In addition, the electroplating process is also an important indicator for evaluating the quality of the water. A good process can make it shine as new after years of use. Key words: high temperature firing of ceramic bathroom, knocking and listening to the sound Scene 2: When citizen Ms. Wu purchased ceramic wash basins and squat toilet basins, she found that similar products on the market were similar in appearance. In order to save the budget, she bought them Cheap goods. However, after using it for less than half a year, she found that the squat toilet bowl had ugly scratches due to the tread on the sole of her shoes; She found some stains in the wash basin, and wiped it off with a towel. Why is this? Industry insiders' advice: Yang Yanling, the brand agent of Moen Sanitary Ware Nanning, who also opened a flagship store in Dajiahui Building Materials Home Furnishing City, said that ceramic sanitary ware is divided into two processes: low temperature and high temperature firing. Low temperature firing below 1200 degrees Celsius, it is not easy to crack during the firing process. Some manufacturers use this method to save costs, but the products fired at low temperature are easy to crack, absorb water, penetrate into stains, are not easy to clean, and will stink for a long time. ; First-line brand bathrooms choose high-temperature firing process, the porcelain is harder, denser and better quality. How to judge whether ceramics are fired at high temperature? Fang Jincheng, the brand manager of Zhongyu Sanitary Ware Nanning, said that the sound of ceramics fired at high temperature can be more crisp, and the ceramics fired at low temperature can be more dull. In addition, consumers should also pay attention to the fact that some second- and third-tier sanitary ware brands will purchase defective products from reliable brands with cracks caused by high-temperature firing at low prices, re-repair and glaze. These products look perfect on the surface, but in fact affect service life.

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