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Introduction to folk sculpture and portraits of large-scale clay sculpture white marble sculpture

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-10
White marble sculpture factory introduction to folk sculpture and large portraits of clay sculpture. Folk sculpture and large portraits of clay sculpture of all kinds of folk sculpture art is flourishing in modern times, some outstanding folk artists. More famous writers and works with the art of tianjin clay figurine zhang Raymond cheung as a representative writer of Chiang's goalkeeper, yu-ting zhang used to marry younger sister, Zhang Jinghu as 'precious little of painting the spring', the woodcarving figure of jiangxi nanchang Fan Zhenhua, guangdong SAN shek wan Liu Chuan characters chahai chahai, dry area of animals, fujian quanzhou Jiang Jiazou puppet head, and his Beijing bo, LangShaoAn fuwa, etc. In the 70 s and 1960 s, some professional sculptor learning and absorbing experience folk clay sculpture, together with the folk artists created some class education as the theme of the clay sculpture group. One of representative works for sichuan dayi 'rent house', it had a total of 114 and the reality of large clay sculpture portrait, truly performance before the land reform farmers to landlord JiaoZu exploitation situation of sucks. In addition, in some factories, mines and have had some work of similar nature. White marble is a kind of valuable construction materials, has high whiteness, generous appearance and characteristics, its whiteness, carving is very good-looking, since the ancient times famous buildings are chosen as raw material. Such as tiananmen square in front of the acrylic countertops lions, railing, judging from the overall effect is very spectacular and beautiful and elegant. Because white marble is so noble, artificial or now use the similar color white solid surface sheets acrylic countertops to pretend to be a lot of, how to identify white marble is true or false? Need a light and triple mantra, a light is the most common light or sunlight appraisal is white solid surface sheets, this is the most important technique. And intermediate formula, is the 'han', 'white' and 'jade' these three words. 'Jade' word speak the characteristics of the white marble, white marble in fact not jade, but a kind of marble, was named after the jade jade-like acrylic countertops embellish luster, because it can through the light thin place. 'White' the word refers to its white is bright enough, shiny enough, turn to the sun, can achieve the result that with Venus. False is thick dark opaque. Although the white marble marble is a kind of give a person quiet, quiet and easy and comfortable feeling of marble stone, but its use is limited, not all sites can choose it. Its weakness is white surface easy to get dirty and easy penetration, after a long time may become yellow, so try not to recommend in dirty places, unless the villa or special love clean and careful person.
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