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Inventory of bathroom obsessive-compulsive disorder

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-26

The game of 'changing your avatar to kill Virgo and obsessive-compulsive disorder' in Weibo and Moments is in full swing, and Virgos and their friends with obsessive-compulsive disorder have expressed that they can't play happily anymore. In fact, all kinds of obsessive-compulsive star people can easily drive themselves crazy without the need for other people to play tricks with their nitpicking, pursuit of perfection, cleanliness and so on. Let's take a look at the obsessive-compulsive disorder in the bathroom, and compare it, are you lying down? 1. The feeling of obsessive-compulsive disorder 'always feel' When more and more obsessive-compulsive patients are ambushed around, it is too simple to distinguish them. I always feel that my hands are not washed; I always feel that the door is not locked; I always feel that the windows are not closed; I always feel that the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder in the bathroom space are the same when the liquefied gas is turned on: 1. I always feel that the water is not tightened. When you find someone at home, After going to the bathroom, I came out, went back to the bathroom and twisted the water after taking a few steps. After sitting down for a long time, I pricked up my ears and listened to the sound of dripping water from the bathroom. After watching TV for a while, I was still worried, and went back to check. No doubt, he must be suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder in the bathroom. Crack method: automatic induction It seems that only automatic induction can rescue patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Infrared reflection induction: water will come when you reach out, and it will be closed when you leave. It is super cool and does not require direct human contact. It is absolutely perfect to match the sensitive and clean obsessive-compulsive disorder. . 2. I always feel that the countertop is untidy. There are a lot of bottles and cans, plus toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash cups, all kinds of piles on the washbasin countertop, how the patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder feel uncomfortable , I always want to arrange them neatly in different categories, but the space on the countertop is not enough. Crack method: bathroom cabinet It is better to find a place to hide everything. It would be better if there is a closed bathroom cabinet. All kinds of toiletries and cosmetics can be hidden in neatly and orderly according to the category, height, fat and thin, size, and you can also put some spare clothes, towels, paper towels, etc. The bathroom looks much cooler. 3. I always feel that the bathroom mirror is not clean. I just went to wash my hands casually. When I looked up, I found that the bathroom mirror was splashed with foam. I picked up the rag and reached out to wipe it; Taking a closer look, there are actually a lot of dander left in the place that I wiped just now. A great battle of cleaning and defense has begun. The obsessive-compulsive disorder patient can't even wash his hands easily. Deciphering method: bathroom mirror cleaning tips In line with the high standards and high requirements of OCD for cleaning, you must use non-ordinary cleaning tricks. It is very difficult to clean the mirror with clean water. If you unfortunately use a lint towel, it will be horrible. It is better to put on soft cloth or gauze, and then match with the following auxiliary agents, the effect is completely different, the bathroom mirror is simply as bright as new! Bathroom mirror cleaning tips: kerosene, wax, milk, lotion, detergent, oil-absorbing tissue 2. The 'must' of obsessive-compulsive disorder In this way, if you don't do this, you will be crazy. For example, the clothes in the wardrobe must face the same direction; the shoes in the shoe cabinet must face the toes inwards, such as the following: 1. When you go to the toilet, you must look at something for obsessive-compulsive disorder patients. It always feels uncomfortable not to look at mobile phones or newspapers in the toilet, but this has also spawned countless tragedies in which mobile phones fell into the sewers. We must free our hands and reject obsessive-compulsive disorder. Crack method: fancy toilet paper The ban on mobile phones from entering the toilet starts with distraction. With such a cool toilet paper, you will definitely not want to look at anything else. 2. The floor of the bathroom must be completely dry 'Oh, my God! 'When you hear such a sound from the bathroom, you must think that something big has happened, but in fact, it's just that OCD stepped on the wet bathroom floor, maybe you accidentally wet your socks, you must know that OCD must be dry. Crack method: shower room If you want to separate wet and dry in the bathroom, you must separate a separate bathing space, and put all the activities that may wet the ground in this area so that you will not be afraid to wet the ground. Wow, isn't that just a shower room? Close the shower room door tightly, no matter how naughty the running water is, it will not come out; if the shower room is integrated, even the steam will not come out! 3. The toilet lid must be covered when flushing the toilet. When you are in a hurry to go to the bathroom, but find that the toilet lid is closed, you have to free your hand to open it in such an emergency. Obsessive-compulsive disorder does a good job. No need to crack: great! The obsessive-compulsive disorder patient did a great job this time. To be honest, the high cyclone in the toilet when flushing can bring germs and microorganisms to the air at a height of 6 meters, and they are suspended in the air for several hours, and then fall into the air. On the walls and objects, toothbrushes, towels, bath towels, etc. are all there. God, the consequences are unimaginable. Everyone should cover the toilet lid together with the obsessive-compulsive disorder and then flush it.

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