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Inventory of water heaters suitable for salary grades - inventory, salary class, water heaters

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-05

Seeing the beginning of April, the decoration market in Beijing has also become lively as the temperature rises, and the curtain of spring decoration is officially opened. Water heaters, as a must-have sanitary appliance at home, have never been sloppy in purchasing. At present, there are many brands of water heater products in the store, and gas/electric water heaters are all threatening. How to choose has also become a headache for the decoration army.

For the salary scale, decoration and purchase of home appliances are all about price and quality. There are hot water heater products sold in stores, reliable brands and affordable prices. Friends who are ready to buy may wish to pay attention. Simple design Macro water heater D45-HG3F Price: 1398 yuan Appearance, Macro water heater adopts a simple and elegant white box design, and the operating area at the bottom of the fuselage is equipped with dark patterns. The overall design is elegant and stylish. This machine has a capacity of 45L and is suitable for a warm two-person world. This water heater D45-HG3F is equipped with three power levels (1000W/2000W/3000) to choose from, which is more free to use; the temperature of this machine is adjustable from 35°C to 70°C. Due to cost control reasons, it is not equipped with a temperature display, which can be adjusted according to the individual. Habits and experience can freely adjust the water temperature. The inner tank of Macro water heater D45-HG3F adopts enamel technology, which is not easy to form scale; in addition, there is a separate sewage outlet, which can easily solve the problem of internal cleaning. The box body adopts the overall foaming process of environmentally friendly polyurethane, and the thermal insulation effect is very good. Editor's comment: The Macro water heater D45-HG3F has a simple and elegant design, powerful functions, adjustable temperature from 35-70 °C, and easy to use. At present, the price of this machine is only 1398 yuan, which is very valuable.

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