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just in time: the 10 best luxury watches of 2018

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-07-06
Watch the world written by Ben Griffin
2018 will be remembered as a year of disruption and celebration.
Broke many records, at least two famous watches-
James Bond, the famous British spy, is also one of the gentle favors. -
Celebrate their birthday. Rare pre-
Whisky is forbidden to provide the taste of American history, traditional style has been transformed with modern materials, crowd
New buyers offer new options for established brands.
To this end, with the start of the New Year countdown, there has never been a better time to buy a high-quality watch than it is now.
Here are our top 10 luxury watches starting in 2018.
Big Bang Meca-
Moon P2PHublot Big Bang Meika-
10 P2P credit: on September, Hublot released a limited amount-
The version of the Big Bang Chronograph that celebrates the tenth anniversary of Bitcoin.
The world\'s most famous cryptocurrency is limited to 21 million bitcoins, and only 210 Big Bang watches are available
The price is $25,000. (
They will be delivered to those lucky few buyers in early 2019. )
Each watch will have a unique engraving derived from the identification transaction number on its bezel, and its skeleton movement provides 10-
Day power reserve--
Nodded to 10 again-year milestone.
Italian artisans make themed umbrellas for actors and popes, and Hublot Big Bang can only be purchased in Bitcoin, which may be good or not, depending on the current downward trajectory of the currency itself.
Bulgari Octo Finissimo Touro automatic credit: Courtesy Bulgaria is difficult to break a world record for tabulation, not to mention three.
But Bulgari Octo Finissimo Tourbillon auto did it earlier this year, when it became the thinnest automatic watch, the thinnest Tourbillon and the thinnest
What is shocking is that95-
The depth of the millimeter is due to the small movement of only 1 measured. 95 millimeters.
The strap and case are made of sandblasted titanium, and the dial is a fine skeletal variety.
It\'s only $50 and it\'s said to be $118,000--
The price that matches the pure watchmaking process needed to create it.
Patek Philippe 5270 P ChronographPatek Philip 5270 P perpetual calendar timing perpetual calendar credit: Courtesy PhilippePatek Patek Philippe is the most admired watchmaker and 5270 P, the platinum case and salmon dial are first introduced with special features.
The original 5270 update released on 2011 (
Since 1941, it is the heir to a watch)
It has 30-
Minute counter, date display, can even show the phase of the moon in a pretty beautiful way.
The workshop restored the luxury watch to its former glory, and it can also resist water up to 30 m in depth, which is said to have six patent innovations and gained a huge complex status. The hand-
Meanwhile, the stitched dark brown strap is made of crocodile leather with folding
Praise the unique face. The price?
Depending on where you look, somewhere north of $180,000.
Omega seahorse diving diver 300 MOmega 300 m credit: Courtesy OmegaThe Omega watch diving 300 m diving watch for the first time in 1993, James Bond has been wearing every movie because of the 1995\'s \"Golden Eye.
\"So it\'s not surprising that the current Bond Daniel Craig was appointed as the official ambassador for the latest £ 300.
To celebrate 25 years, the watch has a new counter installed
The magnetic timer movement and the updated helium escape valve protect the watch from damage when the wearer appears from the depths of the ocean. (
Our inexperienced divers will appreciate how it looks. )A.
Lange & Söhne triple SplitA.
Three points Credit for Lange & Söhne: Courtesy.
Lange and Thorn are a rattrapante, or split-
Second, the timing movement is very rare and very expensive, which is why.
Lange & Söhne Double Split made such an impression when it was launched in 2004.
A new version was released earlier this year.
On the basis of the former glory,.
Lange & Söhne Split has two sets of hands counting seconds, one of which can stop timing--
Like a double split. -
But there are also extra hands that allow the wearer to measure and compare the time interval of up to 12 hours in a few minutes and hours.
So far, it is the only watch in the world that has this ability.
Only 100 were produced, all platinum, 43 years old.
The size is 2mm. The price? $147,000.
Love Royal Oak Offshore tourbillon time watch credit: Love Royal Oak Offshore Series--
Like the Omega seahorse 300 made its debut in 1993-
A variety of mouth-watering new additions have been received.
These include a limited
This chronograph is made of steel or rose gold.
There are only 50 examples of each color, so would like to pay $100,000 North as a title privilege.
The main jeweler created the porcelain that \"cannot be broken\"
A version is also available with a stainless steel case, a decorative giloche dial and a Platinum Hour-markers.
Nomos Zurich 806 credit: Courtesy NomosIf your taste is lower key and slim Zurich OS Zurich 806 is the winner automatically.
This stainless steel watch features flat white silver
The brand\'s claimed plated watch plate and leather strap are \"almost indestructible\", a courtesy of the Chicago family --
Leather Company.
A specially designed leather wallet completes the packaging and provides additional protection during transportation-
You won\'t want to take off your watch. Rolex GMT-
GMT Standard Time
Master II points: Rolex GMT-
Master II has a lot of nicknames, including Batman--
Thanks to the blue. and-
Black combo.
The latest version is called Pepsi because of the redand-
Blue is similar to the logo of a soft drink manufacturer.
Royal Qatar presents a rare Indian jewelry collection launched in 18 years
Rolex GMT-Platinum
The Master II now has stainless steel, and it is unusual that it uses five-
It is made of a Jubilee strap oystersteel.
Another notable increase is the 15% more effective 3285 campaign.
Jiang Shidan\'s overseas double time points: Thanks to Jiang Shidan\'s wandering between the two time zones, Jiang Shidan\'s double time is a fashionable solution.
A dial plate will let you know when to go home, while the AM/PM indicator can show how sociable or not sociable this hour is.
The movement consists of four components, including 37 jewels, and the movement is located inside a shell made of 18 k rose gold or stainless steel.
The dial is in silver or dark blue and the strap is made of stainless steel, blue, black or brown rubber or brown crocodile.
For most people, $25,000 will be a serious investment.
But also beautiful.
IWC Grand pilot watch annual calendar edition 150 siwc Grand pilot watch annual calendar edition 150 credit: IWC is one of the world\'s most popular watches, it is also the annual calendar edition of the large pilot Watch launched at the Geneva Salon international advanced watch show on January, which is a good way to celebrate the 150 watch.
It\'s only 150 right.
The annual calendar version of IWC has a full date display function.
But due to its stainless steel case, blue dial, rhodium-
Gold-plated hands and crocodile leather straps are not much easier on the eyes than simple opponents.
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