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Lao shifu told you use marble and ceramic tile in the kitchen

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-09
It's that time of year decorate busy season, going to the home kitchen renovation again, other materials have been identified, but the kitchen floor tile is not certain, the kitchen floor tile with a marble or good use ceramic tile to decorate busy season of the year again, going to the home kitchen renovation again, other materials have been identified, but the kitchen floor tile can't determine, tile the floor tile with a marble or use? Last I spoke to decorate 30 years return, return an patience to my analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of both. advantage 1; Beautiful and easy, adornment effect is good, not out of date. 2; Long service life, with long durability, interior marble commonly available from 70 to 100. 3; Maintenance is convenient, acid pickling surface of marble can be used to decorate, after acid pickling of marble is not sliding, clean and convenient. The only downside is the price expensive marble. Ceramic tile advantage 1; Price cheap, populist, basically can consumption price of ceramic tile. 2; Easy to decoration, the decoration of ceramic tile relatively simple compared with marble, artificial cost is also cheaper. 3; Yi qing, mostly smooth ceramic tile, clean care is more convenient. 4. The fouling resistance wall, because ceramic tile is mostly polished surface, pore is small, the fouling resistance stronger. The shortcomings of ceramic tile 1; The biggest drawback is ceramic tile surface is smooth, and the kitchen is a place where oil pollution more, carelessly fall easily. 2; Easy outdated, ceramic tile with new very fast, the product is easy to go out of style. 3, short service life, easy to fracture after hours used ceramic tile, after fracture is not easy to repair, after repair was ugly. By the Lao shifu patient explanation, I decided to buy marble, floor tile, although the prices are a little bit, but once and for all. Teacher suggested that I also buy pickling surface of floor tile, solid surface sheets for sale is slippery also resistant to dirty, and marble work. it is also very convenient, after the repair looks brand new. Acid pickling surface of marble choice, teacher advised me to buy white marble, marble, is the most valuable is very suitable for the kitchen is decorated, also is not very expensive.
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