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let\'s discuss buying a new kitchen sink - stainless steel vs solid surface vs enameled surface

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-03-15
When you remodel the kitchen, you will find that one of the biggest decisions you make is to choose the best kitchen sink.
You may want to combine a beautiful design style with convenience and practicality.
Do you want a double sink or a single sink?
Solid surface or copper and bronze?
Possibilities and combinations are endless, but there are some different pros and cons for each style.
Stainless steel: stainless steel does not absorb food and bacteria and does not rust, which makes the stainless steel sink very durable and very easy to clean.
These obvious \"advantages\" are the most common reasons for this sink in American homes.
While they may not add the design torch you want, they are practical and durable.
The downside now is that the stainless steel sink is cheaper and can be very troublesome.
The economy sink is made of thin steel, usually 20 to 22, which is easy to bend and dent under pressure.
They are also very noisy.
By spending a little more money, you can buy a unit with a moderate price so that the price will be higher.
In order for your money to really get the most value, you can buy a high quality item for $500 to $3000.
Both brush face and Polish have stainless steel sinks.
Solid surface: solid surface sink stain resistant, durable, no holes, easy to repair.
You can buy them in a variety of colors because the pattern or color will penetrate into the material all the way, so scratches and dents will not show different substrates.
They are also easy to fix and can be glued to the counter for seamless connection.
The price of a solid surface sink ranges from $200 to $800, so while it\'s not as expensive as a high quality stainless steel sink, some may think it\'s relatively expensive.
You should also remember this;
These types of sinks don\'t work well with all the KKR countertop materials.
In other words, the solid surface sink may not look good in terms of granite.
Paint wire surface sink: With Middle
500, enameled wire covered casting-
The iron sink is an old antique in grandma\'s kitchen. The long-
The worn surface energy resists stains and keeps the heat well.
However, cleaning them can be a challenge, and incorrect cleaning can cause the chip and surface to dim.
They are also heavy and you may have problems if they are not installed or installed properly.
The cast iron material provides a very hard surface, and has no mercy on delicate porcelain and tableware.
The enamel coating is hard, but the metal will rust if it is broken.
You will also consider reinstalling when selecting the sink
Sell value and appeal to potential future buyers.
Overall, most homeowners still like stainless steel, but that doesn\'t mean you should choose something that doesn\'t appeal to you at this time.
Be sure to take a look at our next issue regarding the kitchen sink series, where I will discuss the pros and cons of copper, bronze, acrylic or natural stone sinks!
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