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Make the bathroom 'more' convenient-humanization, bathroom

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-25

I made an appointment to visit Zhao Chen and got it. Zhao Chen commented with a smile: You don't mind being the first reporter who writes about bathrooms, but I don't want to be the first professor who was interviewed for bathroom design. Zhao Chen is a professor at the School of Art of Northeastern University, and the person in charge of the National Excellent Course of Branding. He is mainly responsible for the teaching and scientific research of design courses such as branding and advertising history. For more than ten years, he took the opportunity of going abroad to give lectures and exchanges, and took a lot of photos of foreign bathroom sanitary wares with exquisite designs. Zhao Chen said that these ingenious bathroom and sanitary ware designs have well implemented the design concept of using design to change people's habits, and also reflected the meticulous humanistic care. Often overlooked Designing the bathroom is difficult to be famous A This embarrassment may have troubled you. For example, when you pass by in the corridor, if you take a casual glance, you will find that you can see the urinal in the bathroom; for example, the window of the bathroom is large and bright, and a woman is looking at the office on the opposite floor; for example, when you go to If you go to a restaurant with dozens of large tables, you will find that the bathroom is smaller than a table when it is convenient. Zhao Chen said: In our minds, we are all concerned about those magnificent buildings, and the bathrooms are generally neglected corners. Even when it comes to repairing bathrooms, the beauty is large and luxurious, but the details of functionality and convenience are often ignored. Why is this so? In China, the design and decoration of buildings are separated. When designing, the designer pays attention to how beautiful and elegant the appearance of the building is. He will not consider the bathroom here, but consider privacy and design smaller windows. And if you design a bathroom, no matter how well it is designed, it will never be famous, so no one cares about whether the urinal in the bathroom can be seen outside the door, and no one cares whether the design of the bathroom is humane enough. . In foreign countries, when a designer designs a building, he must take into account what kind of door locks are used. Before the ethos The Han Dynasty in China had the toilet. B When it comes to the humanization of the bathroom, Zhao Chen said that the ancient Chinese actually created the ethos. As early as 2000 years ago in the Western Han Dynasty, China already had the toilet with armrests. In the tomb of the Queen of Liang Xiao of the Western Han Dynasty found in Henan, a toilet was found. There is a stone handrail on the right side of the urinal, which is inlaid in the standing stone slab behind the urinal. There are two boot-shaped portrait stones on the urinal, on which are painted buildings, evergreen trees and geometric patterns. The toilet is no less than a modern and luxuriously decorated toilet. In the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, the novel 'Dig a new pit, save a ghost and become a rich manThere is this description in the text: The three houses in front of the door were dug into three large pits, each pit was built with a small wall to partition, and the walls were covered with powder. He went to the relatives in the city and asked for countless poems and paintings to be posted here. On the walls of the dung house; the powder is like a snow hole, which is different from the countryman's bedroom; the walls are colorful and more attractive, and once you climb a new pit, it is like watching a scenery. Such a toilet, even today, can be regarded as a high standard, right? You can't say that Chinese toilets have no culture, you can only say that they lack inheritance and development! Zhao Chen said. Brilliant creativity Design changes people's habits C Zhao Chen believes that different from the domestic toilet design concept, the biggest advantage of toilets designed by Westerners is that they reflect the design concept of changing people's habits with design. Zhao Chen said: In the bathrooms designed in China, the words 'please flush after defecation', 'stool into the pit, urine into the trough' are usually written on the wall, but it still cannot effectively solve the problems that have been plaguing people, even the white paper next to it. It says 'No flushing, hateful and abominable', and the act of flushing the toilet has even risen to a moral level. However, even so, the above-mentioned problems of domestic toilets have not been well solved. The problems that we cannot solve with many words can be solved with a little creativity of foreign counterparts in design. In the urinal at the Amsterdam airport in the Netherlands, the designer has designed a fly pattern. Men who have been doing this since childhood took a conscious step forward in order to target the fly, and easily solved the problem of 'urinating in the groove'. In Korea, I have seen similar designs. In a fast food restaurant, the designer posted a small joke above the urinal. The words of the joke were written in small words. When people read the joke, the problem was solved naturally. Zhao Chen provided reporters with many exquisitely designed photos of foreign bathrooms. Speaking of these photos, Zhao Chen laughed: In fact, it is not convenient to take photos in the bathroom, and many jokes were made about taking these photos. Zhao Chen said that once he took a photo in a bathroom somewhere in the Netherlands, after the click of the shutter, a group of foreigners panicked, walked away in shyness, leaned on the door and looked back, all looking for the camera.

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