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Make your bathroom perfect - bathroom, perfect

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-23

Some people say that the bathroom represents the quality of life of the occupants. If even this relatively hidden space can be done impeccably, other spaces will naturally be more perfect. There are obviously more details in the bathroom that need to be taken care of. In addition to the basic parts, there are more points of concern that need to be carefully scrutinized and pondered slowly. 1. Furniture The choice of bathroom furniture can greatly affect the utilization efficiency of the overall space of the bathroom. In addition to choosing furniture with reasonable design and placement, it is also necessary to choose furniture that can be used for multiple purposes to improve efficiency. Make full use of the various functions of each piece of furniture as much as possible, up and down, left and right are the scope to be considered. Of course, in order to use every inch of bathroom space more accurately, custom bathroom furniture is the best way. 2. Health and environmental protection Inferior waterproof materials will make your bathroom full of peculiar smells for several years; the glue that sticks glass will have a pungent smell for a certain period of time. To keep the air flowing, use plants that help speed up the air purification and minimize the use of chemical air fresheners. The surface of ceramic products such as washbasins and bathtubs should be smooth and balanced. A well-glazed toilet is smooth, detailed, free of blemishes, and remains as smooth as new after repeated rinsing. If the glaze quality is not good, it is easy for dirt to hang on the walls and cause pollution. 3. Hedonic The demand for bathroom functions is developing in the direction of health, enjoyment, enjoyment and leisure. Of course, these pleasures are inseparable from the new products of science and technology, such as multi-functional massage bathtubs, moving showers, etc. After the comfort goal is achieved, we should make bathing happy. Lighting, colors and decorations are not only for convenience, but the naughty, cute and comfortable visual experience will make the bathroom interesting. 4. Ventilation Windows are very important for the ventilation of the bathroom. Bright windows with sunlight are obviously more relaxing than the lighting effects produced. If conditions do not allow, installing an exhaust fan can also solve the problem of ventilation, but you should always pay attention to whether the air is humid. Placing green potted plants in places that do not hinder movement is also a good way to adjust the air, so that when people see green, their hearts are filled with sunshine. 5. Intelligent technology The high-level development of intelligent sanitary ware enables products with new concepts to continuously lead the trend of the sanitary ware market. So far, more and more intelligence has been used in the home, with infrared sensor devices, voice-activated shower heads, toilets with warm water flushing and warm air drying, automatic anti-fouling and deodorizing functions, and massage can be adjusted according to preferences The bathtub with the water outlet, the electronically induced blinds, and the endless high-tech products are used in the bathroom more and more. It should be a great blessing for modern people. Which one do you want to choose? When it's closed, the tub is hidden and the lid is a comfortable bed; when it's opened, the tub is revealed and the lid folds over the ends of the tub, turning into soft pillows.

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