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Male sitz bath is good for sex-male sitz bath, sex life

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-24

A sitz bath is not simply sitting in a bathtub, it is a commonly used medical treatment. Taking a sitz bath in a basin of water with a suitable temperature for 15-20 minutes is very beneficial to male reproductive health. The main methods are as follows: Wash the vulva before. The male anterior vulva mainly refers to the part of the external genitalia. For those who are overly foreskin, if there is no special cleaning, white smegma will form over a long period of time. After accumulation and hardening, it may also wear the foreskin and cause infection, and even turn into carcinogens, induce Your partner's cervical cancer leads to your own penile cancer. And sitz bath vulva, can wash and remove the dirt block, if combined with Chinese and Western medicine anti-infection treatment, can also help cure chronic prostatitis. Wash your buttocks. Sedentary working conditions are quite common among office workers and drivers. Especially in hot summer, there are quite a lot of men who come to see a doctor because of the repeated attacks of seat plate sores caused by buttock friction. In fact, if these patients usually take a sitz bath with warm or cold water on the buttocks, and dry the vulva and buttocks with a dry and soft towel after bathing, the infection of the fungus can be reduced, the blood circulation of the part can be promoted, and the occurrence of sedation ulcers can be avoided. However, those who suffer from jock itch and eczema should not use hot water to wash, so as not to aggravate the symptoms. After the bath anal. As the saying goes, ten men are nine hemorrhoids. When hemorrhoids attack, men are restless, even in severe pain and bleeding. In fact, hemorrhoids are mainly caused by the stagnation of blood flow in the anus. Taking a hot water bath regularly every day, while consciously doing the action of contracting the anus, can enhance the function of the anal sphincter, improve the local blood flow, and soften the local preparation. Greatly relieves hemorrhoid problems. Massage the prostate. Clinically, it is common for middle-aged and elderly people to suffer from increased nocturia and incessant dripping. In fact, this is the symptom of benign prostatic hyperplasia. If you take a warm water sitz bath every 5-7 days while taking drug treatment, you can stabilize the condition and relieve symptoms and pain. The prostate can also be gently massaged during a sitz bath. In the daily diet, we should pay attention to avoid drinking alcohol and drinking coffee. The elderly with sluggishness should avoid scalding when taking a sitz bath. In summer, you can try taking a cold sitz bath to enhance local blood circulation. The towel for a sitz bath should be specially used by a special person, and should be washed with soap regularly, and then exposed to the sun or boiled for disinfection. Towels and bathtubs should be placed in a cool and ventilated place.

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