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Many people use the stone house decoration is completed, just discover oneself originally the choose and buy the stone is not in line with their own needs, or a different quality of a material

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-20
1. Do not head of partitions shoe ark, leave a little space to make shoes gray can leak to the bottom, install lamp above the sink and kitchen burning gas. On the bathroom floor drain position must want to good, first measure good measure. Best floor drain on one side of a brick, if in the intermediate position of the brick, no matter how brick, floor drain is not low.
  2. If decorate toilet with wall mounted bar countertop material, is recommended to choose will be a little more material is commonly used in solid surface sheets for sale, air conditioning has not been designed switch socket. Especially the bathroom electric water heater, it is advisable to bring a plug with a pair of level switch. If you want to close to electric, unplug the danger.
  3. About brick Yang Angle parts processing methods, in the final analysis is to look at the level of workers. If bricklayers workers level is good, and grinding the tools of ceramic tile is good, you should not hesitate to choose grinding 45 degree Angle.
4. Of wall mounted bar countertop material compressive strength is the mineral composition, crystal thickness and the uniformity of cementing material, load area, factors such as load effect and cleavage into Angle, and differ somewhat. If all other things being equal, crystal particles usually small and bond with each other the density of the material, with high strength.
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